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I got a folding colonder (SP) metal thingy with short stubby legs and a lifting ring in the center that I steam some stuff in. I have usually seen pastrami steamed by the portion per sandwich at deli's. And then I seen on the idiot box one time where some deli in New York steams the whole pastrami (Actually a days worth of pastramis) for like two hours plus. They then slice the fall apart soft pastrami and serve it thick and high. I have tried this but the problem is that the pastrami gets eaten too fast if I steam the whole thing at onceicon_redface.gif

Funny thing about pastrami (For me atleast)
I can eat it sliced paper thin and cold, kind of like a salami
I can eat it paper thin and steamed
I can eat it sliced a little thicker and lightly grilled in a pan
I can eat it steamed and thick on a plate
I can't seem to eat enough of it thoughPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

I did two 3.6 pounder store bought corned beef to pastramis this weekend. Outside temps were a little low and I had a butt in there as well as later I threw on a salmon fillet, so it was taking fooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeevvvvveeeerr. Sooooooo I had to slice just a sample off of the end to see how it was doing........Before I knew what had happened I ended up with one and two thirds pastramis. Go figure!

Bad news though. I never inspected the fat cap, I never had one that was too thick before. This time the fat cap after cooking was almost a half an inch. I hope to pay more attention next timemad.gif