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Let's see what happens with my 1st chuck. I got it on sale and read this thread the other day so I decided to try it. I wanna say it weighs right as 2-2.5 lbs. I just checked the internal temp and it's only at 140+ right now. I'll probably end up slicing it in the 175 degree range if I had to guess. No matter, I've got ribs, salmon and a fatty to accompany it. Will post q-view later. Cya, Greg
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Here is a pic of everything once it was done. The ribs were great, the salmon was great, the fatty was OK just not as over the top as expected. The roast had a great, great flavor. I will cook it a little slower and longer next time so it's a little more tender. There were no complaints on it, I just think I can make it a little better if I show it a little more love. Here ya go for the pics...
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