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Here are a couple of pictures of some Kabonasy drying in the cellar after being smoked.
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That stuff looks great Joe.
If you get a chance head over to the Roll Call section and tell us a little about yourself, your smoker, and so on.
Glad to have you here.
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Good lookin'! What's the mix? Looks real similar in color/texture to the Hungarian sytle kolbacz I make.
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Looks yummy, Joe. I can almost smell it!
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Also tell us about your avatar.
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Looks good. Looks mighty tasty.

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Nice looking product.
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[quote][/Looks real similar in color/texture to the Hungarian sytle kolbacz I make.[quote]
Just found this in google. What is and does your kolbacz taste like? Just pulled out some kabanosy from the fridge, made by a great Polish shop in Newark and to me it tastes more like a kielbasy than a so called slim jim. I would deffintely be interested in this Hungarian Kolbacz thing. Care to post or pm a recipe?
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HEre's a general recipe- I make it "on the fly" usually heh...

Per 1 Lb ground butt:
1 tsp ground garlic
1 tsp ground onion
.5 tsp cracked black
1Tbsp good Hunky sweet paprika (Szeged is a good brand)
1.5 tsp Tenderquick

Cure 24 hours, stuff age a day. Smoke around 180-200 to IT of 153°, rinse under cold water right at 153...hand in cool area a couple days to a week or so..depending on how dry ya like it.

Simple, yet tasty stuff. Feel free to adjust ing. to taste... :{)
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