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I have the dual probe ET-83 and have been overall real pleased with it! I need to find another one today.
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I just bought a Maverick ET-77 from Costco for $19. Works like a champ. Single probe but heck I can buy two for less money than the double probes. If one breaks I just add another $19 unit.

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After I posted the above reply I was thinking if in fact you can run two remotes at the same time, does anyone know if this will work?
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Just bought a dual probe Maverick ET-73. Had good luck with it.
Checked them in boiling water. Dead on.
$36.99 @ Kitchen and Company in the Festival @ Abingdon.
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just ordered the et-73 yesterday. what do i rest the smoker probe on when checking the champer temp?
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The ET-73 has a bracket for the smoker probe. it attaches to you grate. Or at least me has
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got the redi-check et-7 for christmas, tried it out today for the first time, worked ok as long as the remote was within 2 feet of transmitter, moved inside house, and across deck, about 10 feet away both times, temp reading went to _ _ _. boot, boot and reboot, installed new batteries, manually programmed, same thing. either this is a poor product, or i got a dud.
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send it back and get the et-73.........got mine for christmas..........the remote werks in my basement.........kitchen..........bedroom......... .werks GREAT........i know the older 73's was having problems........haven't heard of the 7's having them tho
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tjw, If you haven't done so already, I'd recommend changing the batteries in both units and trying it again.
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changed batteries, bought fresh batteries, same thing. no receipt as it was a christmas present, think i got a dud unit.
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Power Line?

Hey, I used to work F f F F F F FFor the P p p P P Ppower companN N N N-y and they said the E E E E E Electromagnetic fF F Flux would not h H H H Hurt mmmmmmMme even though it u U U used t T T To screw up all my ccccc c-credit cards and made my Ppppp P pickles longer----Uhm was there a 3 phase 12,470 Volt power line overhead or nearby when you were using this remote transmitter?
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I bought two Maverick ET-77's from Costco for $19 each. Works like a champ.
I am going to buy another.
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I am not sure if this is correct or not but I have always suspended the probe from the pan floor so as to not influence the reading of the water. I would think the pan floor may be hotter.

Does anyone really know at what location on the probe the thermocouple is?
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maverick customer service e mailed me right back this a.m. and had me send it back. looked on their websight, this thing lists for 79 bucks, kids really went overboard for christmas. if the remote has some range to it when i get it back, i will be happy. i like the features and dual probes.
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yeah........the 73 rox.......

look around.......my wife got it for me for christmas, and only payed bout 50 bux for, shipped.....

also......a interesting thread........

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it has been a little over a month since i sent my unit in for warranty repair, e mailed them today and did get a response, "cant locate your paperwork, the person that handles returns is gone for the day and wont return until tuesday", not real encouraging at this point.
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after 6 weeks, finally received a new unit.
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if you are in the market for a digital/remote, you may want to shop locally if possible, a defective unit right out of the box may eat up your savings with the shipping costs, plus costs to return. bed, bath and beyond sells them here locally, go imagine.
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I just got my Maverick Redicheck Smoker in the mail and was playing around with it in the kitchen last nite. I have question. After setting the high and low on the transmitter unit should the transmitter display the current temps? All I saw was dashes i think. The receiver was alternating the between the smoker and meat temps correctly. The instructions kinda suck although i didnt have too much time to play. Am I doing something wrong? icon_sad.gif
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Yes it should.
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