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how to get more smoke flavor in turkey

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Good afternoon all,I am wanting to know how to get more smoke flavor in my turkey. Everyone liked the turkey's I did at Christmas but my son said he didn't really pick up a smoky flavor.
I am doing them in a propane grill, indirect heat, Using hickory and apple wood chips. Will I get more smoke flavor when I get a smoker than on a grill indirect heat method? I am hoping to get a Vault propane smoker this spring or summer. Any help as always will be most appreciated Kmadsonicon_smile.gif
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My first question would be how long was the turkey cooked?

I use hickory also, so choice of wood is not bad.
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Bingo. A grill cannot really give ya a true smoke. It's a good way to go if yer just looking to "season" something with a hint, but it's not a smoker.
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Curious ya doing an "indirect heat" on the grill?
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Broilmaster grills are the only gas grills that I know of that can do truly indirect heat.
Here is a link Rich.. if you have never seen them. They have a smoker shutter for indirect cooking. It is listed under features.
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I brined them for 8 hours they were 10 lb. to 12 lb. turkeys cooked them all right at 4 1/2 hours 250 to 275 degrees
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Fire on the left meat on the right. It's a age old procedure. I've had to do it when I lived in these one apartments for couple months.
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Seems like you should have had a nice flavor. Maybe baste some liquid smoke on some for you son wink.gif
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A semi-close approximation at best. Have tried it many times...
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I have a three burner Grill Zone propane grill. I used just one burner on with the smoke box over that burner turkey on the opposite side
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Huh...learn something new every day! Interesting...never heard tell. They work well, do they?
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LOL LOL I put liquid smoke in the brine used smoke flavored paparika and other spices and basted it with olive oil butter and a small amount of liquid smoke in that also :o)
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We need that definition thing for "liquid smoke" = ****
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LOL I just love it :o) :o)

I bought a bottle of Colgin Liquid Hickory smoke thinking it would add more flavor, sure smelled good maybe I need to learn to use moreicon_lol.gif I get afraid of using to much seasonings so maybe I just need to use bigger amounts and not be so afraid
AND go get me a Vault smokericon_biggrin.gif
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Thanks for all your input :o)

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and all biggrin.gif . I have a 10 lb. one I'll play with this weekend, and this time I get to taste it all by myself icon_lol.gif . Still will be anxious to get a good smoker and that Vault is calling my name.icon_wink.gif Talk at you later have a great evening kmadson
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I don't think the lack of smoke flavor is technique but just caused by the grill. When i tried to smoke on my propane grill I had a hard time having the smoke circulate around the meat before it left the grill.

How often were you replenishing the chips?
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Hi Ron, I was thinking maybe that might be a problem and I suppose if there is a breeze that wouldn't help. It seems like it may push the good stuff right out the other side. Very uneduciated guess but I was thinking maybe that all might have something to do with how it worked. You can't regulate the amount of air flow to speak of in the grill like you could in a smoker as there are no vents to close down in the grill.
I replace the chips 2 and 3 times during the course of 4 1/2 hours cooking time. Thanks again for input :o) kmadson I've got alot to learn :o)
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When I used the grill the chips didnt last long, maybe 20 mins; you might want to replenish more often and see if it helps.
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Or try some chunks. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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