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First smoke next weekend, couple questions on butts

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I am planning my first smoke next weekend. I went ahead and bought 2 butts cryo-packed at Sam's lastnight.

Question 1: How long will the butt stay in the fridge? The sell by date is the 13th of this month. Or should I freeze it and pull a couple days ahead of time?

Question 2: Being this is my first smoke, I really don't want to do the 2 butts. If the answer to question 1 is freeze it, should I keep them cryo packed and freeze them or separate them now into freezer bags. Then I don't have to thaw and refreeze one of them, which I would assume could hurt the taste ultimately.

I don't currently own a Food Saver yet. I don't really have the funds quite yet to snatch one of those up after getting all my smoking stuff, although I have my eye open on eBay.
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If you need to keep it more than 3 days or so, you should probably freeze. You can go longer, but there are a lot of factors in determining that and you should freeze if in doubt.

Yeah, separate them and freeze individually if you don't plan on using them both, don't worry about the lack of a food saver, just wrap as best you can and freeze.......unless you are looking to keep them frozen for a long time you will be fine. When I separate butts in the cryopac, I cut right through the packaging along the separation piont between the butts and just wrap plastic around the original packaging material that way you only have one open end to really worry about.
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If you don't want to do the butts by this weekend, I would put them in the freezer.

Butts CAN BE a good place to start. They're pretty forgiving if your smoker temp varies, but they do take a long time to get done. If you're looking for something that will take a shorter amount of time, freeze them and do a meatloaf or some fatties or chicken.

Hope this helps. Just my $.02 worth.
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That pretty much covers it!
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Sounds good, thanks for the info! That's what I generally thought but wanted to make sure. I also plan to do a fatty!! I never heard of them until I found this site a couple weeks ago. Can't wait to get up my own q-view!
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I'd freeze them also, but make sure you give yourself plenty of time to thaw the butt out. It'll take a while.Good luck when you smoke it.When you're ready to get started ask any questions you may have, everyone is waiting to help you.
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Just my opinion, but you have room on your WSM, smoke em both and pull and freeze what you don't eat, just a thought! icon_mrgreen.gif
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But being my first run, I don't want to ruin two butts, dang I should start thinking more optimistically.
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Do them separate, that way you have an excuse to fire up the smoker twice.
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follow this link, you CANNOT ruin a butt.....http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ead.php?t=5294
Good luck in your decision and keep shootin the question's. wink.gif
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A wood question now. I have two full bags of hickory and a small box of apple trimmings (about 2-2.5" diameter). I have been reading alot and alot of people on TVWB say not to use just hickory as it can be overpowering. Should I be mixing oak with it, and is the apple too small for a long butt cook? thanks!
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I dunno why some feel hickory is a real strong smoke. just don't overdo the wood. But apple on a butt would be good too, or combo, Start with hickory and finish with apple. I do my bacon like that- lends a slight sweet flavor to it. And too small? Is that a stickburner? Naw...propane/charcoal right?
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I'm just worried about the size of the apple I have. I'm afraid it'll burn up too fast and not lend a good flavor to the meat. Yeah it's a WSM charcoal burner. I could do the minion method, put the apple in the bottom section of the unburned coals and run the hickory on the top side.
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Sounds good... let 'er fly..it'll end up great as long as ya keep it True Thin Blue :{)
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True Thin Blue? Maybe that's in another day's lesson from the eCourse? I have only gotten day one so far.
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Don't worry about overpowering a butt........there is a lot of meat there, it can take it.
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Oh Boy. Joe... you wanna handle this? Those pix are the BEST!
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get yourself either a chip box, or cut down a coffee can......to put your chips in.........they won't ignite into flames that way............

also.........what rich sez..........too much hickory, to me any way, is a personal choice..........i smoke with mostly with hickory, with apple and cherry added later in the smoke.....but i have also, even with pork, used nutting but hickory.......tasted great to me...........but thats MY tastes buds............now mesquite is another matter.........but you will get some texas and ok folks, who smoke with alot of mesquite, and love the intense flavor........its all a matter of personal choice and taste.......and the only way to find out........is just do it............its what i LOVE bout this hobby.........experimenting.......learning curve.........and you can EAT YOUR MISTAKES........heheh
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Sounds great guys! After thinking about it, it does make sense it's hard to over smoke a butt after you pull and mix it.
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This what you had in mind, Rich?

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