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I have smoke #2 almost ready to pull from the smoker. I started a turkey this morning and have been drooling all day laong. I just took a few temp readings in different parts of the bird and am right at 175*. I am trying a strange recipe where you add a stick of butter, an apple, onion and some garlic into the cavity along with a can of Coke! Yea, I know.... I didn't think it sounded right either, but it looks great... smells great... and I will have to post the results. I didn't use a brine soak on this smoke. I had no idea what that was before it was too late. I will try to shoot a pic or two and let everyone know how it comes out. I used apple..... and a 1/4 mix of hickory. The only problem I had was that it wanted it in a shallow roasting pan, with a loose foil blanket. Not a cover, I used a piece just to deflect some of the heat around. I don't know, after all this is my second smoke. I want to try a brisket and a couple of fattys, but I need to find some more help. More fourm surfing fun. Thanks for everything guys... I will keep you posted on my smoke.
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My first Turkey pt.2

Let's see if this works. I will play with the picture posting at a later date. I took this out of the pan and the wings fell off the bird.... the meat fell off the bone. I can't wait to have the family sample this tomorrow. I am off to carve it up soon... This is way too much fun. Gotta love the smoke.
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Eureka welcome to the site,sounds like the rest of us after a few days.You do know what comes next right?The 3 times a week meetings at the local columbus hall where u have to stand up and say,Hello my name is Eureka and I'm a smokeaholic.than they gonna want u to cater all the other get togethers.happy hobby my friend.
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Hey Steve, It sounds like you are off to a really great start and your into the spirit of SMF-sharing your q-view. Just a suggestion-not sure of your camera type-but you may want to try using some differnt lighting when you take your pics, seems a little on the dark side for veiwing.
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Hey Steve,
Good looking bird, That is one that is coming up for me the only poultry I have doen is eggs!!! Welcome to SMF
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I have to add that I ended up with dry breasts.....haha! I noticed that the water was gone from my pan and I think I could have pulled it a hour or two sooner. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way over and over again and expecting different results. I WILL learn from my mistakes. My family said it was great...but I know better. I will have to work on it. Any help on the fatty smoke?
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Full Smoker

I am planning to smoke a couple of chickens today, but I was also thinking about trying a meatloaf and a fatty..... I have a MES and need to know how to manage all of it at once? I have concerns with temp and drippings..... How do I manage all of it, or do I just solo smoke the different meats?
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hey eureka i just put on two fatties great day in kansas to smoke something this is my first attempt too so gooooooooooooooood luck i'll let ya know how they come out ya'll do the same ok
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What a weather forecast we have.... I have the smoker loaded... some bread baking in the bread machine, and a cold Guinness by my side.... Life is good.
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think might have to take monday off just to smoke something 65 temp oh wow
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What a great day with the smoker.... I ate way too much, but it was all worth it
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