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Kansas newbie

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I fired up my new Masterbuilt smoker today for the first time.... figured a butt smoked with apple would be a good place to start. I had a blast with the first smoke and it turned out great. I also kicked in some potatoes in the drip pan when I foil wrapped the roast. What a great meal... I ate way too much, but now I am plannng the next smoke. Turkey... I would love to try a brisket... maybe next in line. I am glad I did a lot of fourm surfing to learn from others advice first... Light blue smoke... Thanks! I look forward to learning from all of you.
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Eureka Smoke
Welcome ot SMF from a fellow MES owner !!!
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I spent over an hour reading some of your posts. You seem to spend a lot of time outdoors. I have three deer in the freezer from this season and am in need of some venison smoking tips. Butterflied chops.... roasts? How do they come out?
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Welcome , glad this site helped you, don't forget to post some q-view.
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Lets see if this works?
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Welcome from Topeka! Ask lots of questions and recieve much enlightenment! The deer experts will be around soon to answer all questions and give tons of advice.
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Welcome to SMF. I just did a Deer ham Christmas Eve. I have a thread here on it. I have also done several Deer loins. There all turned out great. There are alot of different options that you will soon find out about on deer meat. If you can't find my Thread on the deer ham, let me know and I will send to you. Good luck with future smokes.
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Welcome to the forum. Glad you joined us and look forward to your q-view in the future. As I it sounds like your hooked fast. Best of luck with all your smokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome aboard. You will like it here.

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Congrats on your smoke, the Q, and your joining the SMF. Stick around... it only gets better.
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forum!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to SMF! Gotta any Q-view? We love looking at the pics here.
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Welcome to the forum!! Great place to learn most anything concerning Q!
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Welcome to the forum Eureka! Glad to have you aboard!smile.gif
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Thanks for extending the welcome matt. I am having so much fun on this site. I am finding myself thinking about this smoking thing way too much... Is this normal? Hello, my name is Steve and I have a problem..... haha! While the turkey is thawing, I am thinking about "smoking a fatty"..... do any brands / varities smoke better than the rest?
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place. Myself I use Jimmy Deans as it is ready avaliable here where I live. If your area does not carry it I am sure there is some brand of pan sausage to be had. Good luck.
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Welcome to the forum. I look forward to hearing of your smoking adventures!
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Welcome to the SMF!! As you can see the place is full of good friendly folks!! all of em' love smokin!!!
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Welcome from out west in KS!
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a big ole welcome from salina this is a great forumicon_biggrin.gif
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