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dell ink cartridges ?

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I didnt know where else to post this so I hope its appropriate here. We have a Dell printer and can't find any other source for cartridges but the Dell people. According to my wife they have screwed up two out of two orders. Is there any other source for their cartridges? Our next step is to get another printer if there is no other source.
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You can do a Google search for Dell printer cartridges and you will find some hits for Staples, Print country, and some others. Although I own a Dell computer, I won't buy a Dell printer just for the underhanded way they did the cartridge business. Good Luck.
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Dell printers are made by Lexmark so there may be some sort of cross reference for the cartridges.
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Look for a business in your area that refills ink cartridges. I purchased refilled cartridges for half the cost of new Dell cartridges. The only draw back I had was the refills always show up as empty on my screen prompt, but they worked fine. Now notice I say this in the past tense. I have since purchased a Kodak printer, and for what I do it works fine, and the cartridges are much cheaper. Just my thoughts.

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I have had very good luck with ink carts from these people, and I've done a lot of photo printing and used a lot of ink.


I don't have a Dell/Lexmark but an Epson R300.

you milage may vary of course.

-=- Jerry -=-
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Around here Staples sells dell ink cartages. If you don't have a Staples in your area, you could order them from www.Staples.com . Check on Lexmark cartages, they make dells printers.

Wish you luck.

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Thanks for the response. We don't have a Staples in Hawaii and from doing business with Dell we are leery of mail ordering everytime we run low on ink. They have us paranoid about receiving wrong merchandise and getting a sales pitch while trying to get an order straightened out. I guess a new printer is the way to go.
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Our local Walgreen's refills cartridges, $10 for black, and $15 for color. I haven't had any complaints yet.
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