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ribs, fatty, abt's qview

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Here's some pics...I had trouble downloading from image shack. Kept saying invalid file...

fatty - jd hot, chipotle cheddar cheese, japs, and a nice rub down

pic of ribs and fatty rubbed down, ready to go

abts - biker billy japs, cream cheese with a peach habanero lime salsa

abt's all ready to go wrapped up in their piggy blanket

check out that freak of an eggplant...
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ooooooowwwweeeeee that sure looks good
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add a little cherry flavored thin blue...

abt's and fatty off first!

and the finale!!!

It's like one of those Old Milwaukee commercials...boys, it don't get better than this...biggrin.gif
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Very nice. The perfect combo (IMO)
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mmmmmm mmmmmmm you dun gooood
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Sooooooo, what times dinner? After looking at that the tummy is growling.biggrin.gif
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Looks great Shell, I bet tem ABT'S had some kick to themPDT_Armataz_01_19.gif .
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oh yeah! We've used some different kinds of hot peppers for abt's, biker billy's are the best japs!
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Looks very tasty, makes me want to cook some ribs.
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Looks good

Looks good to me tooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Some mighty fine looking Grub!! Thanks for the q-view.
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Yummmmm! That looks awesome Shelly!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Shell , that all looks great , thanks for the q-view that a smoker ? or some type of chimney starter ?? PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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Damn good looking grub.

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Looks great. After looking at that eggplant and remembering the mater......well, I think you need to stay out of the garden. You had better remember....them potatos have eyes and the corn has ears. Be vewy, vewy careful.icon_smile.gif
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That is my small electric smoker (sparky), that's the vent at the top of great for small smokes. When I do larger quantities of meat, I use the gasser...
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wow great q-view time for me to try a fattie
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