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The goat hit 170, so pulled it out to wrap in some tinfoil. Going to take it up to 190 for pulling.

Here it is coming out in the leaves still

And here is the upper leg, before getting foil wrapped:

I suspect I could have left it in the leaves, but didn't want to take a chance. I'll adapt it for next time depending on how it comes out (moisture, degree of smoke, etc).

Now waiting for 190.
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all d88de can say is

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Gah. I took all the above photos using my phone, but the food was served in the dark and so used my camera with a flash. Unfortunately, my cable is on the east coast so I ordered a new one. I'll put up the final q-view in a couple days.

Here are the notes though:

1. The stuffed fatty was a _huge_ hit. It was half italian sausage and half JD sage sausage, 3/4 pound mix of shredded cheeses, 1/2 - 3/4 pound of parboiled white asp
aragus. Wrapped it, and rubbed with Steve Raichlen's Island Spice Rub. Folk were gonzo for it.

2. Smoked the goat wrapped in the banana leaves till they hit 170 internal. (I didn't cover the leaves with tinfoil as the above recipe specified. After 170, double wrapped in foil, brought it up to 190. Took it out. Wrapped in a couple towels and stuffed in the cooler for an hour. At the potluck, it still wasn't pull-able which surprised me. The lower leg was a bit drier than I would have liked for having to slice it. The upper leg was wonderfully moist, but then it had a bit more fat to start. The chili adobo sauce described above was very lovely. I didn't create a stew. Instead we put chunks of goat on a warmed corn tortilla, squeezed some lime on, sprinkled a bit of the chopped cilantro and drizzled the chili adobo sauche on it. It was very tasty. Next time I think I'll go for a slightly heavier smoke and stop it at a lower temp, so it isn't cooked so heavily, or figure out how to cook it through so it can be pulled. A good first try. Tasty, but not quite there yet.

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Got the cable for my camera, so finally uploading the picture of the barbacoa style smoked goat.

Happy Q-ing:
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Looks great!

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Nice looking goat.
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