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Weekend Q.

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Haven't smoked anything for a couple weeks. Had a Chance today so took advantage of it. Smoking was 2 butts, 1 at 6lbs the other at 8lbs both were rubbed with my own stuff. 1 Fatty , not stuffed, just a chub of JD. And last was two Venison loins. Both loins were injected then rubbed. After that they were wrapped with bacon.
Also smoked some scalloped taters.
Here is what we all look forward to....
The 2 butts...

With rub..

The Loins..

The taters...
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Some more q-view as the smoke progressed.
2 hours into smoke..


6 hours into smoke...

The loins done...



Pork is in cooler resting as of now and will be posting shortly.
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Great looking eats. How do you post pics like that???????????? I have one heck of a time. Would love some tips.
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I will PM you to let you know.
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Excellent lookiing smoke, congrats !!!
Wow, now I am hungry..... but your bottle holder looks a tad too full !!!
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Thanks Mossy. Yeah the bottle holder is full. I don't drink much wine. That is the wifes stuff.

Last of q-view

I know I willPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Hats off to a GREAT lookin' smoke...
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Yup,nice bark,smoke ring etc.
Excellent job!
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Excelent job!! It all looks so good.

Nothing like seeing hot juicy "Q" in d mornin'
Starts your day on the right foot!
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Man that Q looks good. Congrats!!!
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Mighty fine lookin food there Alan. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif If I was HALF as good as you, I'd really be something. wink.gif
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Mmmm....looks great! I can almost taste it.icon_biggrin.gif
Way to go ds!
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That Q is killing me! Excellent job!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great smoke, looks tasty.
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Nice q-view and now my screen is all licked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!icon_razz.gif
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Excellent job, good looking eats, love the bark on the butts.
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Thanks for that Compliment. I however Feel it is the other way around Terry.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Great looking grub! Nice smoke!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Thanks to everyone else for the compliments as well.
Everything was outstanding when it came to taste.
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