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WHat is an ABTS?

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I've seen these Bacon wrapped things in pictures but don't know what they are? Someone help me...I love anything wrapped in Bacon.
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Atomic Buffalo Turds
Jalopanos with cream chease or some other stuff ing, wraped with bacon.
There is no right/wrong way to make them, just gotta have imagineation
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I need some creative ideas.
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They are great. Get a jalopano, cut off top, take seeds and membrane out, stuff w/cheese/meat/anything you like, "plug" w/sausage/lil smokey, wrap in bacon, and smoke till bacon is done.

That is just ONE of the many ways to make one. Only limited by your imagination.

They take some work but are well worth it. You better get to the store now! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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My favorite method is to cut the jalapenos or hot Hungarian chilis lengthways, scoop out the seeds, stuff with cram cheese seasned with Cajun and garlic and wrapped in bacon ... when the bacon looks done to your liking ... they are ready!
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How long would it take to get a ABTS done?

What about if it is stuffed with sausage?
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I haven't done ABT's for a while, so this won't be the best.

I'd precook the sausage a bit, say "half way", then stuff.

Depending on your temp, I'd say an hour or two, but allow 3.

I'm really bad w/times. I always smoke at least a day ahead of when it is to be served. ABT's would be the exception............they won't last that long! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif (hard enough to get them in the house!)

PS- You can speed everything up by smoke'n the sausage and bacon a little ahead of time, then add it to the pepper. You basically want the meat done, pepper and cheese won't take too long.

Just throw something together, you'll be happy.
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When I make ABT's, I use a cake piping "funnel" to squeeze the cheese into the pepper. I use garlic and herb cream cheese, then wrap the pepper in bacon. They're usually smoked in about 175F temp and they take about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. I've found that the longer I keep them on the smoker the milder they are. I've never put raw meat inside one since I don't think they'd cook all the way through. Al is right. Precook your meat before stuffing your pepper, if that's the way you're going to go.
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...In my part of the woods we call these 'Rat tails'...most people slit them lengthwise and leave the peppers' stem, hence the name...
...But, ABTS is a pretty catchy!!
...Whatever you call them they are goood!!...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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1 other thing i do is ,use thin sliced bacon, cooks a little quicker. sometimes i cut the cream cheese wit Riccota cheese and add sharp chedder or swiss or pepper jack. I use a cake/cookie decorating chaulking gun to load mine, i don't "boat" them, just a prefrance thing
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Two things:

1. Atomic Buffalo Turd

2. ABT's

Now put your mouse over the green ABT!
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..Do you put a tookpick through your abt to hold it all together?..
..thanks for the tip Bones!...
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I just did over 40 of them for a little get together. My first time doing them for other than me and wife. They went over very well, I think we had 5 left. And that was due to all the other foods we had. Just too much with meatballs, grilled pork tenderloins, veggie trays, smoked fish dips, roll ups, etc. Otherwise they would have been gone.
I did a cream cheese mixed with a 3 cheese taco cheese mix. Little Smokey sausage and then wrapped or draped in bacon on half of them, half without.
I did have a complaint from a few that they were not HOT enough. So what do you do to accommodate that? Little bit of hot sauce?
I also had a few without bacon. Since no bacon, I did not use any toothpicks to keep the bacon in place, even the draped bacon used on toothpick. I found some of the ABT's tended to roll over, spilling the lil smokey. I take it the tooth pick is necessary when splitting the ABT's?
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Flash, if you want to make them hotter, mix in some of the ground pepper I sent you this summer. Or, you can simply sprinkle it on top.

I usually mix it in with the cream cheese.
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Dang Bubba! Thos little guys look good. What type of tray is that you are using or is it a engineered home brew tray?
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Flash you can save the seeds for some added kick. Usually I save the seeds from 2 or 3 and put them in just one and don't mark it. You'll know who gets it. Devilish trick, but I tell them it's in there somewhere.

But you can seperate them for those that like em hot. Just don't get em mixed up.
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What is an abt? Simply put, its what god puts in the smoker when he wants some kind of appetizer. Another way of putting it. its the food of the gods that we are lucky enough to be able to eat as well.

Love them turds!

I like to saute onions and bell peppers till soft and then cool. Once cool mix with a bag of chipolte cheddar cheese. Stuff the chiles with this mixture and wrap with thin bacon. (I feel the thick bacon overwhelms the flavor of the chiles and stuffing) Cook untill the chiles are soft and the cheese is trying to bubble out. Very Tasty!!!
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Hey Flash,
The first time I came onto the site I saw an explanation of ABT or Atomic Buffalo Turds and laughed so hard I almost fell outta my chair to find out that no....they really do exist. I as well as my wife cannot eat things that are excessivly spicy or hot but I have found that onions and other normally hot foods cool down when cooked or lose some of their heat so to speak. I am willing to try new things but was wondering if these are really hot or or they like a mild hot? I know this my be a stupid question as peoples tastes when it comes to hot and cold are totally different. Being that you cooked for a big crowd was just wondering if anyone commented on whether or not they noramlly wouldn't even look at a pepper and tried them and what the outcomne was? Thanks Flash...Merry Christmas.
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Home made by my cuz, DB BBQ.
Hold's 25 of them babie's, all stainless steel, pop it in the dishwasher and good to go!!PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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