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Just seemed like a good place to hang out a bit and talk about smoking. The vibe of the forum seemed pretty laid back.
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oh, you mean there are recipes here? I was here for the men icon_twisted.gif .

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Dress up like a Stumps or a Lang then ;{)
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Lisa, you crack me up! Rich, you're quite funny too! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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My decision was based on the level of knowledge and everyone's willingness to share for the sake of improvement, not a bunch of ego feeds.
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Well said, Sir- hear hear!
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I can remember back when I first started lurking, the original thing that hooked me was the mod's for my chargriller, I didnt know I could make it better. I figured I'd join so I didnt miss any other hints. The thing that kept me here was a few friendships that quickly developed by using the chat feature, boy that is much more personable than following up on a post once every day or so. Now I get a kick out of seeing someone new come in and 'evolve' into a person that has the confidence to pass on their experiences that they have learned. I also enjoy the fact that we all share personal experiences (good & bad) and relate like a family. Now I look at this place like a family, and we all know how families act ....... mostly things are smooth, from time to time there are issues, but all in all ..... its family, and they tend to stick together. My wife knows many of your user names because I'll be laughing with you or AT YOU, or I'll proudly say we are doing Dutch's beans or SoflaQuers sauce or Okies brisket, and I'll have to explain who you are and why I'm trying it.

Overall ....... It's a total package.
Great thread Sir ........
(do you want me to use some big, old english, type sayings to describe how great this place is? LOL)
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You just did much better than that, Randy! Great post! POINTS!
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This is the first forum I have ever used, but after struggling with my ECB for a few years (poor results) decided there had to be a better way ....
I found the propane conversion on my own, which gave me control, then I needed to figure out how to Q. Not sure how my browsing stumbled onto this site .... but as soon as I figured out how to navigate SMF, I signed up and have never regretted a moment ....
I'm here for all the reasons already stated and then some!
It is for me 'my cyber home' PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I came to the forum for all the great people and for all the great information that means a lot to a newbie. Love smoking and smoked foods, and what better way to learn than to learn from the best at the game! Thanks all
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stumbled across it, read many posts, Threads and replies indicated that the recipes, methods to use, were all tested and VALID, not something off a label.

Q view got me to droolin also, had to go eat, after signing on of course.

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I cant remember.
Actually i cant remember much but Rich was always a curious sort tongue.gif
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What hooked me is that they actually let me join/login. Not many sites have let me do that. What's even better is that I can still post here! These mods just don't know a thing! PDT_Armataz_01_11.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

It was either that or the people that were here when I joined. Most others since then have kept me here. People make the site, good people here.
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With all the kind people here it just felt like a nice cozy place to call home. Thanks for having me. I have learned so much from all of you I can't begin to thank you enough.

I will be on vacation for Christmas and plan to provide some Q-view of the end results of the knowledge I've gained here. A small gesture of my thanks to all of you.
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Heh, yes, indeed- I am. And it's taught me alot over the years, what to do, and alot of times more importantly what NOT to...heh!

But apparently I'm still learning icon_redface.gif
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pretty much sums it up. I wanted to see pictures of the food, and you had to register to get the views, so I did. Now I am a hostage!PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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You know, I think I am completely hooked now. As I am a newbie I started out doing the search as alot of you did and found this site. I started reading tips, that led to recipes, that led to doing the 5-day ecourse (which I recommend to anyone that hasn't done it), and then led to buying Jeff's Rub and sauce recipes(which I HIGHLY recommend). Once I did that I came in to just check out the forums and found the one for newbie members to just say Hi. Once I did that and got so many wonderfull replies and saw how NICE and helpful everyone has offered to be, that'll HOOK YA. I have had a couple hobbies and so far the people on here have been the nicest to chat with and eager to offer there wisdom and help to newbies, or anyone just needing a little help. Since I have started getting so serious with grilling and smoking, I have started experimenting with venison on the smoker, and I got to tell you, I have had some pretty awesome results and some very happy people that have never had smoked venison. Matter of fact I have a deer ham brining right now to put on the smoker and guess what, I know I have some where to go if I need a little help with it. This is just another example of how the Q-ing world is so friendly and nice. I look forward to spending alot of time hear and am glad I found this site. Thanks to everyone out there that is just so wrapped up with smokin'/Q-in', (thats how we say it in southeast Missouri).

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And another bump!
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yep was either rich or the beast... but really was the scope of subjects covered, i never even heard of a fatty before here(at least in a long time) it didnt seem to matter what someone was smoking, there was always info and opinions on it.this is the first forum i joined,ever, have looked at some others but this is the one to be at... thks for all the help everyone!!!
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