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Good to see some of the FS members showing up here. Make sure you do a Roll Call and introduce yourself. And start a thread with some of your sauces you make PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Any try Blair's line of sauces?

I hear their Sudden Death sauce is pretty good.
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I realize this is the first post in like 8 years, but hey I like the question.


I love hot sauces.  Love them.  If I see a new one in the store, I get it. I have certain ones for certain things.


My favorites:


#1 Go to:  Tabasco.  I put it on everything.  If I can put meat on a tortilla, add sour cream, and a healthy couple of dashes of Tabasco I am in heaven!  Its good on anything that needs a kick.  I even like to mix it with ketchup for dipping fries every now and then.


#2 Valentina: Made in Mexico.  Great flavor.  Cheap.  I love Cholula, but it cost to much, or I use to much, whatever.  It never last long.  I can get a giant bottle of this and it taste just as good, for less than $2.  Get the yellow, not the black.  The black is hotter, but loses flavor on the trip.  I also like Tapatio, its more widespread.


#3 Siracha:  Another good on everything sauce.  Great on a grilled cheese, or in soup.


#4 Trappey's Louisana:  Great for fried foods like Gizzards and fried Chicken, or for Creole/Cajun dishes.


These are my go to's.  I have a lot more, but they do not get used as much.

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I totally agree 👍
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Alberta Crude has become my favorite in the last year or so. Local brand obviously. I love this stuff!!

More warning labels needed IMO :biggrin:



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I so do know this is an old post, but me being a Pepperhead, just have to make a comment.

I have a Hot Sauce Store in our Town and I visit it often.  I eat any chicken with a Scotch Bonnet Hot sauce.  I make my own Chili Powder, based on dried and crushed Habernaro Peppers I have 3 Ghost pepper sauces in my fridge. 


The Hot Sauce Store, every year makes a special sauce a limit of 50 to 60 bottles are are made and you need to have connections to get a hold of one.  This one is a very good Ghost pepper sauce


These are few more of my collection of hot sauces, something my better half would never touch!


And as this year caries, my garden is going to be a Hot Sauce/Salsa garden, I will post pictures on this thread in the fall

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I'm looking to make some hot sauce cause the options in the Deleware Valley are weak. Anyone know any good recipe or two? I have a high tolerance for heat so I wouldn't be opposed to ghost peppers. I even have a handful dried.
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Go to Youtube, use the search engine there. type in Hot Sauce Recipes and view some Videos and read the Video Descriptions, and make some tweaks if and when needed, you will come up with something that way, and have fun doing so!

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I collect these every chance I get... I've mostly been picking them up in the Caribbean Islands.  My last few were:


Karl's Home Grown Hot Sauce - very good and a nice kick

Eaton's Hot Jamican Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce - good flav and a real kick to the teeth


Then a coworker brought me back a bottle of:


Nando's Extra Hot Peri-Peri Sauce - made in South Africa - very good and flavorful  


For a local vendor here in the US, I'd look up CaJohn's Firey Foods out of Columbus OH.  Tons to choose from.  I always find something there to bring back.

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I usually go with Tapatío or Valentina extra hot.
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