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Thanks for the response Illini & kurtsara. Although, I don't believe it is the wood being over filled. I can actually see inside the box with the door closed, not a huge opening, maybe 1/4 of an inch on the upper right hand side. It still seems to hold the heat very well though, even with the small gap. I have the temp set at 220*, when it reaches that temp, the burner shuts off and stays off for about 5-6 minutes. It's about 45* outside.
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The upper right hand corner would be on the hinge side on mine. doubt if there is any way to cure the leak other than calling Masterbuilt and complaining. They are very good at taking care of owners.

If it is on the latch side you may be able to adjust the latch and draw the door closed a little more.

Does not sound like the leak is sufficient enough to effect the performance though.

good luck
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I've had an MES (the one from Sam's) for a couple of months now. I've been having some problems getting the technique down but I'm still working on it. One thing I found is that the thermostat reads about 30 degrees hot! I first tried checking it with an oven thermometer and didn't think that could be right, so I brought a calibrated thermocouple home from work. Sure enough, it's about 30-35 degrees hotter than the digital readout says. I strongly suggest checking it with an oven thermometer before doing anything else.
I set mine on 190 now and am having better luck. I still need to figure out the vent setting though...
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