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Electric Smoker

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Here is a picture of the one i built and have modified several times.i did not know anyone who had smoker at all so this all guess and by golley.
i have a alum. pan that sits on heating element put a few brickets and handfull of wood chips to start.i have a water pan 10 inchs above this then two meat racks one for meat and one i use for beans and tators.
this will run about 200-220 degrees all night add more coals to get to 250
put chips on depending on taste also here is a picture of some good ole bolongia and stuffed jalopenoes
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That's a nice lookin' smoker and some good lookin' grub. Sounds like your creation is working just fine.
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Nope it won't do! Home made smokers aren't suppose to look good. That one looks to good, but congrats on the build. Glad it works well.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks great Morkdach!
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Good looking smoker. Probably can't use it in direct sun. Too shiny !! icon_biggrin.gif

Looks like it puts out some great results.

I really enjoy seeing all the innovation and rescue projects.

Good job.

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on a hot kansas day sitting in the sun internal temp can reach 150 almost cooking temp for free
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Looks good, nice build.
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I really like the looks of your smoker, very sharp. Good looking food also !!!
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very impressive. wanna wholesale me some?
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Good looking smoker.
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Good looking
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I like it! Anything shiny and unique ROCKS!

Smoke on!wink.gif
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