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I have 5 years firefighting/ems experience, currently looking for a paid full time position. For almost 2 years now, I've been working for Dunbar armored as a driver/guard. Picking up valuables and getting dirty looks from pedestrians when I block the crosswalk. Doesn't get any better. Oh, and I also used to fill/service fire extinguishers (nasty stuff, had to clean it out of my ears every day)
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Hey, blowfish, I've been to your bar, I've done a book signing at your bar! Very cool place indeed, and a regular stop when I visit Da Burgh.


Lew Bryson

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I'm a 7th grade science teacher.

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Configuration engineer
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I am a Aircraft Engine Mechanic Inspector for the Air Force Department of Defense

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Thank you for keeping us safe

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I am going on my 4th year in Law Enforcement. Street cop in Norman, OK.

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I own my own lawn care company NorthEast of Indianapolis. I provide fertilizer and weed control on about 500 clients ranging from 2-5 treatments a year.
In my spare time I love gardening and spending time at my lake house in Northern Indiana. My refrigerator is full of asparagus right now and looking forward to the strawberries about to ripe.
Happy Smoking all!
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Maintenance supervisor/tech at a recycling plant in Atlanta. But my main job is keeping the wife, of 20 years, happy.

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During the summer I work at a warehouse unloading and loading trucks from 1am till there are no trucks left (generally around 2pm).  The rest of the year I attend UNCC and am studying to become a mechanical engineer.

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lead Sr service HVAC tech. From fridges to commercial..... fix it all. 12 years in the trade. Trying to become a paid fireman instead of just a volunteer. Either way, if I have my torch my smoker some fuel and meat....... its on!!!¡! Oh yea forgot about the budlight
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Energy management and marketing for electric coops-  I work for a generation and transmission coop, so i have the opprotunity to work with many distribution coops across SE NM

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Im an insulator at the pascagoula shipyard in Mississippi
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Worked in the Civil Engineering field, as a Draftsman, for years. Got tired of the very long hours and endless deadlines. Now, I search for dead people! For the past 7 years, I have worked at a genealogical library and help patrons research their family history. I had 30 years of research experience with my own family and helping friends prior to being paid to do it. I love my job!
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I'm a retired pilot and I enjoy playing Golf, my Home Theater and my 2006 Mustang.

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I see more than a few people here are in the auto industry.  I am a robot/ equipment technician for a major auto manufacturer.  My previous career was automotive technician.  I love what I do but TONS of overtime, weekends, and holiday work keep me off the smoker. icon_confused.gif

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I try to finance my new smoking addiction with my job as a cabinetmaker.  I am a self employed one man shop that builds custom kitchens, entertainment units , fireplaces etc. (check out www.craigcustomcabinets.com to see some work. 


I've only just been introduced to the world of smoking and am already addicted.  I find myself thinking about bbq almost always.  My job lends itself nicely to smoking because i have a steady flow of nicely seasoned chunks of wood.  Usually hard maple but sometimes cherry, oak or hickory.  I also have been using fire to heat my house for the last 10 yrs.  i live in Canada so i always keep lots of wood around.


cheers and happy smoking!!

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20 years, USAF (1972 - 1992). Currently -  Police Sergeant, Richfield Police Department, Richfield Minnesota.  Can't smoke a chicken without getting that skin rubbery? Tried, and tried and tried - just can't do it..... Best regards.

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Firefighter here. On the job 29 years in August, planning to stay just short of 6 more.

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15 years as an ASE auto technician then joined the USAF and changed careers to USAFR Avionics technician and full time civil service avionics technician in Florida.
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