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yer coming here for june 6th & the highland games- guess i better clean out the guest room lol
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I'll sure try to make your gathering in '09; long time from now.

I'll also try to make any regional gathering in the mid atlantic or northeast region.

Once Mike picks a spot and a date I'll see if the big gathering is doable on my end.
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was talking to mike in chat & offered any assistance and we'll try to make this year's gathering. but before that- for tenn,ky,indy,or wv members- i'm thinking a superbowl time get together around my place ( i'm southern kentucky) i'm 2 hrs from gypc in evansville indy, 1.5 hrs from nashville,3 hrs from louisville. google glasgow,ky. i have a lot of land for rv's w/ gen sets & i'm out in the country.
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I have been to Evansville Indiana! Loved that town. Don't really know why, but I told my wife that if we ever moved, it was to Evansville!
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Gosh ... we are almost neighbors friend! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Count me in for '09 for sure ... love the country around there!
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We will do are best to make this one as well no matter where it is finally decided to be held. Hopefully if we know early enough we can get a nearbye comp in at the same time. Anything we can do to help Mike......just let us knowicon_wink.gif
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Simply answered, you can't accommodate all the members. The midwest has been decided simply because it's in the middle. It was unanimously agreed it should be very close to, if not in Tulsa due to that being Jeff's locale. As was pointed out last year, there is no way to not sound like, "Hey, my back yard is the best location...wink,wink" but it simply is. The more centrally located the gathering remains the more it affords the most members the best opportunity to attend. We aren't exactly the middle, but we were dang close and had members willing to organize that reside in this area.

BTW, that's Liberal, KS isn't it?

We did this last year and not a soul went to the contest. Too full and having too much fun at the gathering I reckon.
Truer words have never been spoken. This is an undertaking of epic proportion. The most helpful thing you could do is pay attention to PM's, follow threads about the gathering if you are coming, and the less "clutter" that is posted in these threads the easier they are to use for their intended purpose. The Events Committee will have to read and re-read these threads continually and the more unneccessary posts there are, the more time consuming that is. Thanks in advance for all your cooperation. PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif

While I agree w/ Joe for the most part here I would like to add this. I think regional events are great, but don't see the need to try to have them the same weekend. Why harm the big annual gathering by drawing attendance away like that? There are many weekends for regional gatherings and you never where some of us may drive to. I went to Tulsa to eat dinner and visit with the Okie and two guys that live right here in MO with me. Go figure. icon_surprised.gif

We did utilize chat somewhat last year. There aren't really alot of questions we need to ask (especially now that we've done it once), and PM's worked great for the most part. Waiting a day or two for a response was no problem, it was the week and month or longer response times that made the blood pressure rise. icon_evil.gif

And then over and over again just when you thought you were done.

Not sure what you're going for here. My thoughts on in conjunction with can be found above.

Theresa, don't let these MI guys that are afraid to go for a little ride sway you. PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif You and Walt would be sorely missed.
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It's Lebanon, KS
liberal is by the oklahoma panhandle.

Lots of great info you posted ultramag!!!!

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Yep, Liberal is way over by
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The gathering last year was great. The logistics and planning associated with this type of event are staggering. Urge that we all give Mike, Chad and other planners our full cooperation.

Mike, just a suggestion: Since SMF is not really a democracy, dictate a place, date and cost. The rest of us can "jump on or jump off" as our schedules/budgets allow. And believe us, Tonto and I will do our best to be there!!!
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OK. I have posted the general area and time frame for this event.
It won't change.
It is where it is for a reason that has been amply explained.
Now. Watch for more specifics as we get them. And try to plan to be there.
You won't regret attending.
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St. Louis for us, so KC is a pop fly. We have friends there too, so easier to justify to the wife! PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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Neat link on Lebanon. I can't remember what the claim to fame is over by Liberal then. I made many trips from KC to Liberal before the relay points and routes were changed at work. I am very aware of where it's at. wink.gif There was a sign just outside Liberal that claimed they were something similiar to this.

Oh well, we aren't throwing a shin-dig there anyway. biggrin.gif
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Believe me, that is what is going to happen as soon as we locate a place to have it. PDT_Armataz_01_21.gif
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