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Lot of questions about boiling eggs , here's a site that might help
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Nice! Never new about the sulfur thing. Maybe my wife will let me start eating HB eggs again....if you know what I mean (honk).wink.gif
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Off on a tangent.....

I pickle eggs three or six times a year in the standard whatever stuff I have to make a brine out of and a can of beets for color. I think that the best deviled eggs are made with these pickled eggs. I havent smoked one yet, but I could see the color thing making them look kind of humble.icon_redface.gif

Further off on a tangent....

When pickleing, Is there a good way to bring out more of the apple vingar flavor to the egg? Not just the acid, but the flavor?

..........Back to your regular programing.......
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.......News break.....

A year or so ago I went off on the search for the perfect boiled egg. I was actually more interested in how to boil them so that they peeled better. I was having a heck of a time peeling eggs. I just couldn't get them to peel like they should. For what seemed like a half dozen times I had a high failure rate getting them to peel so that they didn't stick to the shell.

After trying so many "perfect" methods that called for exact times and temps to the degree and second I learned a trick. The age of the egg has more to do with the peeling than the cooking method! The older the egg, the easier it is to peel after boiling. I was paying top dollar and getting the freshest eggs in town and couldn't peel half of then with any luck. But buy the big bulk cheap eggs that nearly float (Rotten eggs will float I am told) and they almost pop out of the shell like squeezing a watermellon seed!

Now someone needs to do a search about how they rotate and mix eggs in some packaging, used to be scarry stuff, don't know if they still do it.
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Hmmmmmmm, was just think about what a pickled egg might taste like if it was smoked first or would it be best to smoke a pickled egg. Anyone ever try it?
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Hmmmmm...smoked boiled/deviled eggs sounds good. This may be just me but when I boil eggs I add some salt to the water. It seems to make the eggs peel much easier.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

By the way Geek, thanks for the link.
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I know that the fresher the egg, the harder it is to peel. When I gather eggs fresh eggs from my girls, I have to let them chill in the fridge for a few days if I want boiled eggs.
Sometimes I ***** the end of each egg before adding to the water, this helps separate the shell from the cooked egg. Also have luck with adding a bit of vinegar to the water.

I do love pickled eggs....and pickled sausage.....and pickled turkey gizzards......along with a cold beer.biggrin.gif
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