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Introducing SmokerDownUnder... Another Aussie!

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G'day there everyone!

Just thought i'd introduce myself. I've been smoking for a little while now, started off making jerky then progressed to ribs, roasts and the like. I've been a "forum lurker" around here for a while and thought i'd join up to participate in the site a bit more actively

I have a homemade wood-fired smoker. I made it myself but it never really got finished, i was so keen to fire it up! I shall finish it some day, but for now i'd rather keep 'er smokin!
Its made of an upright 44 gallon drum, and atop that sits the actual smoker barrel, which is a smaller drum sitting on its side (horizontal). It has a lid at the top with a specially measured gap that acts as a top vent. This is the roughest (or "dodgiest") part at the moment, and needs some flat metal welded to the edges to make it 100% effective.

Favourite meat to smoke is pork ribs, and favourite wood is Australian Stringybark chunks or chips, and occaisionally i buy a packet of rum-flavoured shavings / sawdust to add a little variety.

Thats about it for now, no doubt you'll be seeing me around the forum!
I'm off now to go an all-nighter rolled roast smoke! (FYI a "rolled roast" is a few wide flat strips cut from the rump of the pig rolled up and tied to form a roast.) I may be off here for a while due to work but i'll try my best to get my first Q-View up on here!

Talk to you all later! (sorry, but y'all doesnt work for us!)
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Welcome ot SMF !!!
Have any pics to post of your smoker?
Australian Stringybark chunks or chips - Interesting never heard of that....
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you decided to come on in and join us. Make yourself at home. Ask questions. Share stories. We're pretty friendly and love to talk about Q!

Maybe you could get us some pictures of that smoker you've built. smile.gif
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Welcome to the site, glad you found us. Where in OZ land are you? I have some friends in New Castle. Ya'll come back now, ya hear. LOL
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Gee, you're quick there mate!

Here's a few pics... you can quite clearly see where the "dodgy" comes out. The lid part is nowhere near finished, i was too eager to get it cranked up after i made it, seeing as i've been using a "toy" smoker for a fair while

First Pic: The fire drum and the smoker mounted on top (I dont plan to paint the fire drum because we also use it as a campfire enclosure without the smoker on top, and even high-temp paint burns off).

Second Pic: Inside the smoker. You can see the grate, then the drip tray underneath. Also the probe of the thermometer is in view down the bottom (why this thermometer has a pointed end i do not know, seeing as it is definitely not a meat thermometer)

And as for the Stringybark as a smoking wood, it grows naturally around where i live and makes quite a good smoke and a great flavour. It is also known as Eucalyptus macrorhyncha. I've included a picture of what the tree looks like.
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Welcome SmokerDownUnder-

and g'day to you too! Glad you've decide to come in and join us!
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Welcome! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Like your name, like to see this nasty smoker!
Wonder if Australian Stringybark is like our Shagbark Hickory??PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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G,day mate. Top site this one.
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It is indeed, kiwi! lots of very good information and great members as well!
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Welcome to SMF from Canada mate! Glad you joined us lad.
Got any good rabbit recipes ? icon_smile.gif
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Haha nah haven't tried rabbit yet, believe it or not! Good idea though, definitely have to try that in the near future
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Welcome to the mighty SMF, glad you decided to join us! Thanks for posting pics of your smoker, it looks like it turns out some great Q... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Looking forward to your posts!
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Welcome to the forum SmokerDownUnder!
Like your cooker, bet it puts out some great food. Looking forward to your
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Well the first Q that i could show you guys has been held up a little. Was supposed to cook it up tonight but wouldn't you know it, it's been delayed. So the meat gets more marinading time and i have to wait! But once it's done tomorrow i'll open a thread in the "pork" section and show it off! (Providing it goes to plan LOL)
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welcome aboard the SMF.
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Welcome aboard. Nice to have you.

Great introduction. It let's us feel like we know you a little, right from the start. Thanks for the photos. Will look forward to more posts in the near future.

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Welcome to the forum. You are sure to enjoy yourself here.
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Welcome to the best smokin forum around. Keep coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!
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