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What is better and why, vertical or horizontal? I want to get a sausage stuffer but not sure which is better. I'm looking on the Sausage Maker web site and the vertical one holds 5 pounds and the horizontal holds 3. The vertical one is $66 more and if the only difference is that it holds more I dont think it would be worth it cause I dont plan on making a bunch of sausage, just enough for me and my family.
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I have owned 3 vertical sausage stuffers, 4 qt. Enterprise, 8 qt. Enterprise and now have a 25 lb. Sausagemaker. While Sausagemaker is an excellent product, for what sounds like your quantity at a time and amount of use I would suggest looking at a LEM 5 lb. vertical for a hundred bucks. Chances are sprting goods stores in your area carry them, that or http://www.bargainoutfitters.com/cb/...8&kwtid=218158 , it is a quality made product with a brand name that should stand behind their product. Other than vertical, have have know experience with the hotizontal style stuffers.
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I have never used a horizontal, seems like a pain...but a 5 lb unit isn't that big. That's like 10 1 foot links. Not really practical making smaller batches I don't think, unless you are doing recipe development.
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most professional stuffers are vertical ones. I used to use a Zuber 100 pound water stuffer, when I made sausage professionally. They worked great. Too bad they don't make them any more.

I have heard good things about the Dakota water stuffer. It is a horizontal unit. I don't have one, but like I said, I have heard good things about them. 10 pound capacity.

I personally have a F. Dick vertical stuffer, with a 30 pound capacity. Found it on fleabay a few years ago, for $400. A new one today runs about $2000.

ouch PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

It basically comes down to what you want, what you need, how good you are at stuffing, how often you are going to use it, etc.

Hope this helps

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The thing is I dont know how much I'll use it so I dont want to spend a lot of money on something I dont know how much I'll use but I dont want a piece of junk either.
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Get the vertical, and if it ends up being overkill, re-sell it. I think it's about right for a hobbiest application tho.
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I'm going to look around and see if i can find the LEM 5lb vertical. Thanks guys.
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I just recently purchased a Maverick meat grinder that comes with a sausage stuffing tube. This might be up your alley since you won't be doing a ton of sausage. I got it off e-bay for $109.00.
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twister.........i was at e-bay yesterday.......just type in sausage in the search area.........you will get a bunch of useless crap........but you will find several horizontals and verticles..........

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My dad has one of the attachments for his grinder and I tried it once and didnt have very good luck with it. Will check out ebay also, thanks.
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the grinder attached units can very tricky to use. One other thing, the black cast iron units, be careful. These have a bad tendency to rust. ask me how I know. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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eBay is a good place to find a deal; our 25 lb. Sausagemaker stuffer retails for $975 plus shipping and we paid $180 with shipping (needed a $10 o-ring).
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I have one... or a maverick "White egg" looking thing...the grinder/stuffers don't do so well, IMHO, Marty. they mash the heck out of the meat the second time thru.
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Ever heard of a Grizzly? Found this one on ebay
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From what I hear Grizzley is a good stuffer except the neoprene gears tend to break under pressure.
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looks good dude........AND it can be returned

stainless steel.........its new.........but others know more bout stuffing sausages than me........but even shipping is affordable.........

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I have a 6qt Enterprise and a POS 8 lb stuffer from Northern tool. Don't waste your money on a horizontal or "half U" shaped POS. I did and I regret it. The vertical units are well worth the added expense. If your on a budget check out Northern tool supply on line. You can get a brand new 5 or 10 lb stuffer for less than $100. If you buy on Ebay you may get something someone else didn't like. JMHO.
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nice spot of the plastic gears marty...........didn't see that..........

wish i still had access to a machine shop.........i could just make metal gears............*sigh*

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Walking Dude,
I had one of those and yep, I stripped the plastic gears. But I think it was sausage maker who offers a set of metal gears as a replacement. If you do a web search you can probably find it, Hell I'll try to find it for you, but I know they are available.
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Twister -

I have the Grizzly 5lber but with the nylon gears. I love it. So you have to fill it up a few times - beats the heck out of ole clamp on grinder I used to use. I would have loved to get the bigger one but for the price this works great for me!

About 5 of us here bought them last fall at the same time (I'm going start changing a commission - I swear!) and you know mine takes a real beating! I'd buy it again!

PS - Makes a pretty fair cheese press too!
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