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Brinkman Smoke 'N Pit Mods

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Here is the Brinkman Smoke 'N Pit I picked up used for $40.00

First Mod was to extend the smokestack down

Went to the local muffler shop and got this...

Installed it looks like this...

I made a baffle to redirect the heat from the fire box

Pics of the baffle coming soon
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I love a new guy with pic's!!icon_mrgreen.gif
Gotta do the charcoal basket mod!! Longer burns with less fuel!
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That's galvanized pipe.
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Actually i think it's aluminum exhaust pipe, i don't believe they use galvanized on exhausts, doesn't bend real good..
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Good job Jeff - your on your way!
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It's not galvanized, it just standard 3" steel exhaust pipe.

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You're off to a heck of a start.
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I'm sorry I thought it looked like galvanized. Heck, I need to get me some of that for my smoker. Does it come in bigger sizes? And where would I get some? NAPA?
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You can probably get some at NAPA or your local muffler shop might have a piece laying around... they have 4" that I know but it's not real common....
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What is the charcoal basket mod? I have not seen that one.
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Make a charcoal box out of expanded metal and raise in up a few inches. Better air flow and the ash falls away. Make it wide as the fire box and up to the door so you can add lots of fuel.
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