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Successful Turkey Smoke

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I smoked my first turkey this morning and it was a success thanks to all the great information I learned here in the Forums. Thanks ya'll, and the wife says thanks too. I cooked it between 300-350 and it only took about 3 hours to reach 170 in the breast. Here are a few pics. I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday.

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Lookin' good!
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Yeah that a great looking turkey! The newbies joined in at the right time!
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Great Q-view!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Yanno, so far I think the SMF has had 100% success in turkey advice! well done on the gobbler Ga... fine job!
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Man that looks great. Now we need to work on that avatar, maybe Green Bay. LOL
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good lookin' bird...

I think it looks a lot better than mine.... i fried mine.... wish i'd smoked it... i smoked a ham and two chickens that turned out pretty good.....
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That's a really nice bird!
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That looks pretty juicy. Did you brine it?
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Funny thing is Green Bay is probably my 2nd favorite team. I sure will hate to see Brett Favre lose next weekend against my 'boys......either way 10-2 aint the end of the world for either team. icon_neutral.gif

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