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I really need to build one of these.I was looking on ebay and some of the kits come with a 5 pound tank.How long will this last before you have to fill it again?I would like to have a tank big enough where I wouldn't have to fill to often.
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I filled my 5# tank about 7 kegs ago. I can't even tell that the needle has even moved... ought to push many more before I need a refill.

A while back, someone here posted that they had pushed 20+ kegs on one fill. I can believe it. CO2 is cheap to refill ($7.50 here), so even if you don't get quite that kind of mileage, it should still be the cheapest part of your investment. I understand the inconvience part of it, but you really shouldn't have to do it very often at all.
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Wow that is a lot more than I had thought it would do.Now to convince the wife that this will save us money in the long runbiggrin.gif
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This site has all the parts & info you might need...

And this page will give you an idea how many kegs you can get out of a co2 cylinder...
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Well, perhaps you might save some $$$ in the very long run. I'll be honest, I'm paying $110.00 for a 15.5 gal keg of Shiner... that is about $.65 per 12oz glass. Not bad really, and much cheaper than the $7.00 per six pack I find at the store.

The fridge? Free is good if you can find one (try Craigslist). I gave $80 for mine... delivered, and it is a very nice 20 cu ft model with top freezer, so there are good deals to be had if you are patient.

As for the kits on e-bay... I purcased mine from the Beverage Factory (probably the same ones you are looking at). I can tell you that their kits are of good quality. All the components are commercial grade and the installation is straightforward. I purchased the deluxe kit with CO2 bottle and drip tray... all you need is a fridge, 7/8" hole saw and keg of suds. This kit is currently going for $175.

So, as you can see, there is some initial cost... $200 and up, depending on the kit and fridge options, so it will be a little while before you realize any savings. What you do get is some MAJOR COOL FACTOR... especially when you have friends over for a BBQ. Most people have been blown away that I have fresh, ice cold beer and frosty mugs in my garage... it is fun. Not to mention that there is nothing better after mowing the grass in late June.

Here is the biggest selling point with the wife. All those spices, rubs, jugs of cider, meats and such that keep crowding the fridge in the kitchen... all that stuff can be kept in the kegerator. I actually have two deep freezers and two refrigerators, but I keep all my specialty stuff in the kegerator. Even though the wife loves BBQ, she does like that added benefit of the kegerator.
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Thanks guys,
Appreciate the info and links.I don't have a fridge as of yet,I had one out in my garage but it took a crap a year ago.I will keep my eyes open on craigslist like you said,also we have a local radio show that has a show called the trading post which people can advertise things they want to sell,and fridges are on there a lot.I do have one more question for you guys.My garage gets really cold in the winter and I was told before you have to have an older style fridge,because if not you could burn a pump up with the newer ones if the weather got to cold.Does this make any sense to you?Thanks again guys!
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The only possible danger with an environment being too cold for a fridge's compressor would be the pooling of refrigerant when the unit is not running. This could potentially "slug" the valves in the compressor & warp them. Unless you are talking below zero temps I don't believe it would be a worry.
If you are still concerned about it you can wrap a small heater around the base of the compressor to keep the oil inside warm & boiling off the refrigerant. The same type of heater you would use to keep water pipes thawed out.

If you want you can customize your kegerator build any way you wish. I went a little farther than some others. Here is a link to my build... KILLER KEGERATOR
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Mine is in my cold garage. Works fine.
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Thanks again guys for the info.Yeah I seen your kegerator,I have to say you went all out on that great job!I would love to have something like that.I think I will be ok with the temps.We don't see below temps all that often.It is in the garage also so it is somewhat out of the weather.Thanks a lot guys I am going to persue this soon!
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Let me know if you have any questions. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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My old fridge kegerator comes in handy around holiday time when we seem to have all sorts of food.

I did a cost analysis one time and I figured I was saving anywhere between 25% to 50% on the cost per ounce of beer (startup costs exlcuded). I still don't save money, because now none of my friends bring (and leave) beer to my house anymore.

I got an extra thumb trigger spout so I can even haul my keg to parties and BBQ outings. I know, I know...a growler would work too, but it's much cooler to show up with a keg of beer.
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Keep in mind TN_BBQ, with a hand pump you introduce oxygen into the beer. While this is not a problem in the short term, if you don't finish the keg off relatively quickly, the oxygen that was introduced can ultimately spoil the beer.
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I am thinking he already knows that!icon_lol.gif
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That's some really good info there. This was my route, beverage factory, in-laws moved--took there one year old fridge... I have gotten about 7 kegs out of my 5# tank and it is still running strong. I wouldn't hesitate to go with the beverage factory on ebay or through their website. Good luck and hope to see your fridge soon.
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i used keg connect dot com to set up mine... good folks.

4 taps of homebrew in my fridge!
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We've got one. But I don't think I have any pictures of it. It holds 6 or 7 corny kegs. We only put home brew in it.

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I'm pretty sure that I posted this in here before, but it was before the great crash of '09, when I lost about 30 threads. So here are a couple pics of my baby.

I went all out when I built this thing. Each tap is running on its own regulator, and 1 for the main tank. I can run either 3 sixth barrels, or 1 1/2 bbl and one sixth.
It's excessive, but that's how I roll. All components are Micro Matic, but purchased through Beverage Factory, as it was cheaper through them. I will be adding a a bar top to this with a drain in the future.
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I have had one since my mother made it with a bar owner freind of the family. He has the oldest bar still open in Jax Bch FL. I growing up learned all about beer for the budman stopped at our house every other Friday to drop off another pony keg.
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