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I have one. though I don't think I can post pics yet.

A few years back I converted an 8.8cu ft chest freezer into a home brew kegerator. I can fit up to six 5 gallon kegs.

I think I can get a 1/4 barrel in it, but that would be pretty heavy to lift into it.

4 taps gives me some good options.
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Lets see if this works:
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hmmmm,, link worked but the pic doesn't show. Could it be a number of posts issue?
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Not your posts, read through this - http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ead.php?t=9916
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I've been posting on vBulletin forum boards for years using photobucket. The html is correct. I just don't know why the pic isn't showing. Some forums have a minimum post before your allowed to post pics. I thought that might be the case here.
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Trying a different way....

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Ok, now I'm getting annoyed. This time I clicked on the Insert Image icon and pasted the url. The image showed up in the box where you type the message to post a reply, then when I clicked Post Quick Reply and the post actually showed up, the image went away and only the link is showing. If you go in an Quote my post you'll see the [IMG]...[/IMG] tags are there correctly.

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Am I going to have to quote my own posts to get the image to show?
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Mine started out as a beer fridge with a single tap on the side and commercial beer inside. Now that I brew, the tap hole serves as the IN for the CO2 and I can fit four cornies with picnic faucets. Bottles get scattered about.
A chest freezer will replace this when it goes.

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I still can't find my old pic's of the kegerator so for now I just took a few more. Only 2 taps on it for now. I haven't made a batch of beer in a few years. Eventually I'll add 2 more taps. I have it in its new home. Just need to build the bar. Hopefully that will happen this summer.

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How do you use a chest freezer for keg's i have seen it before and wondered. Wont it freeze the beer? I dont think a freezer can be set high enough correct?
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You would override the original temp control with an external control.
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Well, since you asked...

This is one I built about a year & a half ago...

Right now I have a half barrel of Arrogant Bastard & a sixth of Fat Tire on tap.

And here is a link to the whole process if anyone is interested... K I L L E R - K E G E R A T O R
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i have a danby kegerator
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I dont know how I missed this but ta da

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Hi all! Mine came from a place online for about $150 for 2 taps. I run a 10# Co2 tank. It took about 10 minutes to install. I usually run a 1/2 bbl Stone Pale and a sixtel of BJ's Heff. In the Winter I switch the Stone for Sierra Nevada Celebration. I keep frosty glasses up top. There is still a lot of room to keep back up beer as well.

Don't let anyone throw out your old frig when you get a nice new one...

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Well, I just found this thread the other day and thought I would add to it:

The Full View...

I installed a digital thermo for good measure...

I tagged it with a local companies brand...

One of the beer...

One of the freezer...
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Here is mine. I built this one about 12 years ago. It's still going great. I have been brewing for 29 years. My wife and I make about 28 batches of beer a year.

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Nice rig. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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