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Who has a kegerator?

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What's Q without booze?

Here's my rig!

That's my brine pot by the keg!

If look closely you can see my monitor in the background. I don't like to have to walk too far lol!

Don't have the time or energy to deal with pumps.

Freezer is full of frosted mugs and glasses!

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cheater.....you posted that before..........LOLOLOL

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That was the keg smoker thread.

I wanted to see some others.
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Glued2it, if I wanted to build one of these what would I need besides the fridge? Already have one of those.
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I bought a kit from ebay for $150.00 It had the gages, the spill pan, lines, tap and the faucet. I got the budlight tap handle on ebay too.

I got the co2 canister from a local gas supplier. Airgas for about $80.00 and the co2 is is about 20$ had it for over a year and still using the same gas.

That's about it!
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what ........glued............no REAL beer handles?

like the KING of beers?


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Thanks for the response. I like the setup. Does the airgas tank sit outside the fridge, it appears that way in the photo.?
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yes it does...........
you can even get a co2 tank offa ebay even cheaper, thats where i got mine from

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Hey glued... Is there beer in that keg or is it Bud Light? If it's beer, it's only a couple hours there. Watcha smokin??? I'll be right down.
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LMAO........good one pigs.........hehehehe

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No I just like the handle. this is oklahoma Bud light is 3.2% That's water for me!
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nice recovery glued......."snicker"

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Yeah, definitely too far to go for water. But not for smoked goodies though. Ya'll need to step your beer % up. Good lookin Kegerator set up though. There was a time I could've really put that thing to use.
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Thanks pig!

I get 6% lonestar it the closest to bud I could get!

Hmmm, I threw on some chicken I could have ready before ya got here!
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they don't sell budweiser in tusla?

well, Budweiser DOES have standards you know..........icon_cool.gificon_cool.gificon_cool.gif
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It's 3.2 and that's not beer! I don't blame them!
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I don't have a kegerator but I've got a mud room that stays at bewteen 35 and 40 degrees from October to April! And a SS roll around thermal icebucket that hold one keg and a tap! icon_lol.gif

My would be kegerator has been my meat locker for the past year! icon_mrgreen.gif
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ahhh........Budweiser here in Iowa is NOT 3.2.........in FACT, it has to be labeled if its 3.2.............when we passed the law to allow wine and liquor, can be sold in grocery stores, our beer went up to 6point

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yea 3.2 is considered a food product.
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need help fellas.. want to know how to sweet talk my wife into letting me get one of these???
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