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we chat all times of the day and week. For night chat's you tend get lager groups. Like a little virtual SMF gathering.
At least this way they don't drink all your beer!PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

I'll post and figure out the best time to get together

you can always see who's on chat.
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we found about 10 pm eastern enabled the west coasters to drop in as the chat room went on later into the evenings.

I liked the 9 pm eastern time best because i found that the central zones would still be able to participate and as easterners dropped out the central folks would usually be there for the western folks

whose on first abbotteek.gif
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Hey Lisa, your welcome and thank you for your kind words. I am glad your feeling so good. smile.gif
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yes, it was a blast last night, was alot of fun getting to know people a little better :) I will look forward to more nights with friends :)
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Glad you are doing good after all that typing last night Lisa - I was a bit worried, but I guess you survived it and us! icon_smile.gif
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