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You would starve or be sick! biggrin.gif Just kidding.

The last I heard you were stuck with temps. I was just leaving.
Looks like you did the right thing and stuck it out. I was wondering about you while I was gone.What a shame a thought. we always want a sucessfull smoke and it would really suck if you didin't get to finish or had to throw out the meat.PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif

Thanks to hawg, debi and ron you made it! (good people skip!)

I'm glad it worked out for you! I had to cancel my rib smoke today!
I hope things go more smoothly next time!
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Good Job. You hung in there, kept asking questions and sharing and the group got to share right back at ya.

I am sure there was a little anxiety for a while, but you came through just fine. And, you learned a lot more than you would have, if it had gone smoothly from the start. LOL

Next time it should go much better for you. But, if for some reason you struggle again, jump right on the site and start asking again.

That's the way this site works.

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nothing else.......finish em up in the oven.......no shame in that..........

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Thanks everyone for the encouragement! If it was too easy, it probably wouldn't taste good.

I had a similar problem that I had last weekend but less so. The pork is really good but the outsides get a little charred. I'm guessing because I screwed with the temps so much (and not having the vent open) that I might've charred them before I got things under control. I did have some white smoke for a little bit.

All in all, I'm getting closer. I'm going to fire it up again next weekend and I am anticipating things will go smoother. If not, I feel good that you guys have my back here.

Thanks again for saving my dinner!
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next WEEKEND????.......you got TURKEY DAY coming up.......another SMOKING DAY..........a holiday.........smoking day........we need to petition congress to change turkey day to smoking day.......i am TELLIN YA.......hehehe

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Always leave the exhaust stack wide open. I don't even have a damper in my exhaust. If your fire needs more oxygen to get going, you can prop open the firebox door. I put insulation on my smoker, and when it is cold it still gets pretty hot.
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