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Going High tech.

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I ordered my new Mav, ET 73 yesterday around 3, it came UPS today around 1 pm. Now thats fast! I will be attempting to use this thing in tomorrows smoke. 2 Butts and a fatty, and a Chuck roast. I only have 1 probe to stick into some meat, I think I'll stick it into the chuck roast till its done, then go for a Butt.

Looking forward to having real time smoker temps from inside my house.

The forcast for tomorrow is 5-10 mph winds and temps from 27 degrees to a balmy 45 in the afternoon.
Had to build me a quick wind break, red neck shelter after work tonight. Couple sheets of OSB, some screws, and scrap pieces to cover the box when it is smoking good!

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i am SO jealous..........MOMMY I WANT ONE..........crap

good score will come to appreciate it......

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Congrats! Are you sure they weren't selling them right around the corner. Man that was fast. Maybe someday I can get one, for now I guess the pyrex will have to do.
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Hey post pics, I want to see what a "Redneck" shelter looks like in Michigan
with some "Yankee" ingenuity added in PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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The fatty will be done first, no doubt. After about 2.5 hours check their internal. 170 and done. We're talking like just as Michigan gets their third touchdown in the first half :{)
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going to be a good game.........thank god its one before the hawkeye game is on.......

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hey Dude, Your hawkeyes are playin MY Western Mich Broncos. Last time they played it wasn't good for your team. WMU and the hawks are both doing poorly this year, lets hope for a good game to end the season.

I am actually gonna put the butts in at 6, and then the chuck an hr later, and then about foil time, I am gonna put in the Fatty's.

Rich, I hope you are right about the third touchdown!PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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well.......we are bowl eligible at the moment........this win tomorrow will ASSURE us a bowl........sorry bout your luck........hehehe

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Hey, This is where I got it so fast

seems simple enough, I am sure to screw it up somehow, especially at 5-6 in the mornin!PDT_Armataz_01_16.gif
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Do the boiling water test. My pyrex was -1 off not bad at all.
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i also did the ice cubes in water test......just to test the bottom end

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biggrin.gif Capt its a breeze to use. I love mine and am thinking @ getting another.
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seems to be working quite nicely, once I got rid of the lil clamp thingy on the smoker probe. went with da spud, and it seems to be doing nicely.
I can actually walk into my back yard more than 100 ft and get a reading, but there are limits as to where I can go in my house!

Mounted it right on my hickerbilly redneck wind break( the transmitter).

Kinda nice out this morn 35 degrees and calm.

Go Blue!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Kind of like being under house arrest ain't it. LOL Glad it's workin for ya, got to get me one of those.
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