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Ever done "Hawg Wings" aka "Pig Wings" aka "Pork Shanks"

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A fellow Traegerite was talking about "Hawg Wings" that he had at the IL State Fair. Did a little search and came up with this:


Anybody ever had them, tried them, smoked them?
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Where can you get them? Looks like they're for food service only. If you know how to get 'em let me know.
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WTF is it??? Deep fried rib portion's???confused.gif
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I searched the Farmland Foods site and there was no mention of the Wild Wings. It is only listed on their food service site. I suppose the way to get hold of some would be to talk with someone who runs a restaurant and see if they would order some for you.
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They seem to be the pork version of boneless chicken wings... except they are not pre-breaded.
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Yeah I looked too.
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O.K. no breading, but there's bones in them suckers....i'm thinking there rib's sliced into single portion's and kicked up somehow!!confused.gif
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I sent Farmland an e-mail to see if they can get 'em retail.
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Don't forget the mini version either

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oops... I wasn't looking at the picture when I posted... sorry. PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif

In looking around the Farmland site I found these recipes listed.


Five of them have BACON in the title so they can't be all bad. icon_lol.gif
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Saw those too, great to deep fry.
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Thats what I was thinking but those bones look small for rib bones.
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They look like individual ribs that have had the meat cut away from the bone and then pushed further up a bit. I guess with the 3 hr cook time they posted the meat continues to pull up the bone.

I've seen it done with chicken legs but forget what the procedures called.
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We have a local bar that sells these and they are great. I am friends with the bar owner and what they are is a portion off of the hind leg. There is a small bone there with this round muscle attached around it. I know this isn't too technical but its all I know. We can buyy them from a local distributer but they are expensive, they come already cooked also. They re about the size of a small turkey leg or very large chicken leg.
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Okay I'm confused is it chicken or pork?
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Are they trotters? Or shanks?
I've smoked shanks before, but they didn't look like those.
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Pork I think
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If anyone in my area would like to split a case I think I can get some.
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Whats the cost. I maybe interested.
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I'll check it out. Stay tuned
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