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Can't Smoke... I'm in a Pickle

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Spending our time packing/house hunting. No time to really smoke, so here's to pickled veggies.
To make the salt brine, I mixed 8 cups of water with a 1/3-cup kosher salt and a 1/2-cup vinegar. This gave me enough brine for 2 quarts. 2 tsp. Pre-mixed Pickle spice blend (Lampong peppercorns, brown and yellow mustard seeds, cracked ginger, coriander, dill, blade mace, allspice berries, juniper berries, cloves, Pico de Pajaro chiles and cracked bay leaves) per quart of brine. Don’t blame me, not my mix. Filled jars with broccoli, baby carrots, cauliflower, yellow bell pepper, and a few Serrano chiles with flesh wounds from a fork. Now all I have to do is wait…
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I LOVE pickled cauliflower! Garlic and a Hunky hot... no sugar rich?
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Looks pretty good Rich.
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No sugar on my fisrt batch, maybe next time, depends on the final taste.
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I'm an avowed sugar minimalist, but the veggie stuff needs a touch. No worry can add a touch to one jar and wait a couple days to sample it :{)
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Looks great Richoso I love pickled veggies - hot!
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Very colorful and you are making me very hungry my friend. Good luck with the house hunt.
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