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Hey, Richtee!

Did you ever build your three fatties? What was the outcome?

My brother and his 30.06 are heading into Michigan this week. I want to be prepared if he returns with a little something in the back of his pick-up.

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I am actually taking it out of the freezer now. just ground 6 Lbs for sausage, and jerkied 5 more for another friend. Now I can start on this project. I need to look the the thread for the other fatty... last chance for recipe submission!
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Hmmm I like....
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Wow... lotta flavor! Hmmm but I have venison and pork meat...sounds like an idea should I try a lamb fatty tho.
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One Oz. of Smitty's on or in a fatty would require a license to make from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission! A hefty tablespoon would ensure prompt amd massive beer consumption! Ask Monstah, Richoso, etc...
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Stop talking to yourself and git to smokin!!cool.gif
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.... you question lamb! Lamb is awesome flavored with garlic, rosemary and especially mint (sauce). Choose New Zealand if available for the most intense flavor. MMMmmmmm!

Just git-r-done! icon_wink.gif
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I don't question it...I just don't HAVE any! The deal was venison - pork! Now ya got an entry? Sheesh ya Canucks are soo hard headed! LOL!
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Yo Rich............what happened to the fatty contest?icon_cry.gif
Who won the rub??
Where's the fatties???PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
I was really looking forward to this!!
Damn OSU!!PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif
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Postponed till Wed. when I will make 'em to bring to Ma's for apps on Turkey day! Still time for ideas!
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Folks...I apologize. I have just been crazy with alot of work and some minor personal crap that always comes up this time of year. I'm kinda happy bout the work tho. So as not to seem unseemly, I will re-instate the offer of the smitty's and keep all recipes for consideration, but I justcan't do it now. just had another 25 lbs of venison come in for jerky and sausage and it's all for a customer, and the holiday.....aww crap..anyone seen my butt lately? I swear it was just here!

Thanks for the submissions, and I'll keep'em filed... maybe in a couple weeks I'll swipe a couple lbs from an order hehehe...
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If I'm not too late, here is my suggestion

Chopped onion and garlic, with whole milk mozzarella and pricuitto.

I made this one with ground pork and it turned out really well.
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Don't sweat it, Richtee.

Although I must say...I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your experiments on this when the time comes.

Fatties are a pretty cool concept. They'd seem to allow unlimited possibilities for creativity. Before this thread, I had thought of fatties as just a dressed-up breakfast sausage. To be honest, my attitude toward them was ho-hum.

But I've lately been reading (in this and a few other threads) about venison fatties, Italian fatties, etc. It's kinda exciting. Especially given that they don't require all day to smoke.

When you get around to it, we'll be watching.

Fat Sal, Food Philosopher Emeritus
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