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simple casing questions

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icon_rolleyes.gif are calogen casings the non edible type like what you peel off of summer sausage before slicing?and what mmsize would most sheep casing be?and if you had a real small tube on your stuffer,smaller than your casing, like to make slimjim size sticks can you shrink your casing around your stick by dunking them in boiling water?rolleyes.gif
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Bill -

Collagen can be eddible or ineddible. I use them and order alot to save on shipping. I have them from as small as 18 mm up to 6 inches in diameter. I like them, the smoke penetrates well if you smoke them, they brown up nicely if you fry them ad if you don't like to eat casings they peel of easy enough.

There are some sausages that require specific types of casings. One I can think of is Hagis, another would be Mortadella, another would be Buona Fortuna for example. Most it doesn't matter that much.

Hope this helps!
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Hagis is a dirty werd.......sheeps stomach.........BAH

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I use colageen casings for my italian sausages. They are usually edible.
I still havent mastered the art of making sausages whose casings dont split while frying
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I always split mine down the middle anyway Scotty they hold more onions and peppers that way! icon_lol.gif
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I remember our email chat about this problem Deb

I just would like the satisfaction of mastering the art. A neighbor gave me an idea. I will try it in a few weeks and post my results.

We are up to our necks in wine making now.
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Heh...how do you think the BOTTLES feel, eh?!? PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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I am going to get you for that RichPDT_Armataz_01_27.gifsmile.gif lol
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I love hagis .... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I just googled hagis. its worse than just sheeps stomach.
I like tripe in tomatoe sauce but hagis, barf

recipe is as folows

Go out and kill a lamb, cut it up, take out the stomach, liver, and the rest of the stuff inside the lamb.

Mix everything and add some salt and pepper, some eggs and last, onion. Cook it in a big pot for 3-4 hours over an open fire. Then serve it hot! Bon appetit!

bon yuck is what i sayicon_eek.gif
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Apparently, SOMEONE/ones never been hungry enough yet ;{)
More of GrandPa Tee's wisdom paraphrased. 8th grade education, and was one of the smartest guys I ever knew.
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Its still eating guts Richicon_frown.gif
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No argument there, Scotty. Nor anywhere. Just an old man's observation that I , thankfully- have not had to verify yet. He did.. the Great Depression, yanno.
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My dad was employed in the FULTON FISH MARKET during that time..The bosses gave them fish to take home. anything they wanted except the finer items such as squid. octapus. snails and the like.

BTW Rich. I love anchovies, squid, and snails fried, boiled or just about any way.

PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Now eating things like that is perfectly ok lol lol

My grandparents ate baked goats head yeeeeeeeeeeshPDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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Hagis is one of those things you love or hate! It's very expensive to buy locally. I had it once ... don't think I'll be making it though icon_redface.gif
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Ahhh, yeah alot of company men were taken care of when possible then, as long as the compny was still in operation. It hit the Detroit area really hard tho, and many lost jobs <manufacturing> and everything else.

I'm OK with that list too. Like trotters? Yum.. pigs feet :{)
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Pickled I hope. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Got a Hungarian recipe for 'em that's awesome - Kocsonya. Interested?
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Yes if you have a checz recipe for ithranitsa im wanting that too.
but i will be very pleased to have the recipe. for th pigs feet.

Step 1--catch a pig.
Step 2 chop off the 4 feet.
Step 3 Wipe the poop off and sanitize them

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A Hungarian savory gel dish using pig feet and ears.. It's pork jello....grin
Step 4 2 feet 2 ears, feet sawed laterally into 2 sides
Over a gas stove, burn any hair off the feet and ears.

Fill a stock pot to cover meat by a bit...you need enough to cover a foot or ear in 6 soup bowls

A bunch of onion
A bunch of garlic
about 1\8 cup Hungarian paprika
1 Tsp marjoram
1 heaping Tbsp black pepper
Kosher salt to taste after a while simmering.
Some toss in a bay leaf or three, and or a Hungarian hot <banana> pepper
A bit of vinegar can be added for tartness if ya prefer

Boil the 'ell out of the above covered... for a long time. Meat should just about fall from bone. Not a rolling boil, mind you, or the broth will be way cloudy. The clearer, the better it's said. "Feel" the steam coming off the pot. you will get a decidedly 'sticky" feel when ready for the next step

Strain thru cheesecloth straining out all veggie stuff/meat after reasonably cool

set one <half> foot or ear in soup bowl and cover with broth
then place bowls outside covered..in winter, or I guess 'fridgerate covered until broth sets.

Sprinkle with a bit of paprika, Serve with good Hunky rye <NO SEEDS!>
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