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OTBS members- and powers that be

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Should there be a sticky somewhere for member's competition results? It seems to be a positive reflection upon SMF without fail! Especially considering that there are very few real "Pros" here... most of us are just great Q lovers/cookers. No offence to the pros, of course ...but WATCH OUT! Can we make another poll? I tried once LOL...laughable!
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Excellent idea!!! All for it!!
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I think we should just posta thread after we do a comp., this my keep the lengh down, but thread counts would be higher, we could see whats going on at a individual event rather than them all ran together.

Don't we already have a area for comps.?
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Perhaps JUST official announcement..then let folks post congrats in new threads then. Yes I understand..that OTBS thread makes me nutz... well, more than usual anyway heh.

Submit to Mods the results...they post 'em.
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It's always good to see who has entered a comp and how they did. It would certainly encourage those of us who have not entered any contests yet.
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BUMP- Was kinda late last night when this was posted, and the way stuff gets buried here...LOL!
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No real strong feeling on this one way or another from me.
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What exactly are ya asking for Rich, already got a comp. listing???>biggrin.gif
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No strong feeling either way. We have a catagory for upcoming/recurring comps. Would this suffice?
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I guess. Just thought a special place for results would be nice..a "hall of fame" if ya would. Ah well...
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So, are you talking about another "forum" for comp results...? Your original post said a "sticky"... just tryin' to figure it out... icon_wink.gif

Stickies are very useful as long as you know where they are. I'm thinking a sticky would do the trick... but as the interest grows in member competition, maybe then a special forum could be created for members announcing their participation in different comps and following up with their results...? Or not.

Just my 2 copper discs worth...
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Ahhh OK... a special place! Thanks Hawg! "Go to your special place!"

Happy Gilmore paraphrased. Gawd that movie was FUNNY!
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Sounds good to me. We have several people that do comps and lots more that might want to if they had an idea about what to expect.
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