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good smoke with close calls

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Yesterday , 5PM, two butts on. Wonderful weather, cool temps, light breeze. Awsome night! Fire was right on all night. Hickory smoke driftin light and blue. Around 10:30, my lovely wife gets cold and we retreat to the kitchen for an extended game of checkers. 12:30pm (or is it am) The pork hits 165. Butts foiled and tucked into the oven, Wifey and I slip off into slumber land. All is well.... untill my son comes at 2AM and notices the oven has been left on. Well bless his heart, he turned it off. Then believe it or not he notices the thermometer wire coming from the oven and turns it back on. But to what temp? I dunno! To top it off, The wireless thermo that was supposed to wake me up when the meat reached 205 failed. It just quit thats all. Low batts I guess. Sooo, Around 6AM I wake up and try to remember what was so important that I cant remember. $#*&^)! the pork!!!! Rush to the oven to find the temp at 209. Whew! Put em in the cooler and go back to bed totally unaware that the temp of the oven had been changed. Whoa... when I found out about the oven thing I didnt know what to expect.
To make a long story not quite so long....... all turned out well. Pork was fantastic. Cant wait for the next time!
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Wow! You had quite the adventure! Glad it turned out!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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It's great when everything comes together in spite of all that goes on. It's a good deal your son, bless his heart, had the good sense to turn the oven back on. Glad it turned out good for ya!
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Nothing more exciting than a suspense thriller. Especially one with a happy ending. Bon Apetite.
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