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Welcome Codfather. I hope you get some more wild game posts going here as I'm very interested in the exotic meats as well. I've done salmon with my dry rib rub and it was fantastic, and I once smoked a boar for a friend that was so so.

As soon as I can get this dang restaurant open I thought about hosting an "open smoke" day for the hunters and fisherman in the area. I'm not sure what will show up since we don't have much caribou or elk in Buffalo, NY, but if they come up with something interesting you'll be the first to hear.

Have fun on the boards and get reading, there's a ton of info in here.
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Newbie to forums

Have never participated in any forum before so no idea if I'm doing this right.

Started smoking foods 5-6 years ago with cheap Brinkman electric smoker from WalMart. Found it generated too much heat. Last summer bought a two chamber Char-Griller over the net. Not expensive so I didn't expect much, but it far exceeded my expectations for quality. Consider myself a real beginner at the hobby. Live just a few miles from the largest pork processing plant in the U.S. so good fresh back ribs are plentiful in all our markets. Average about one smoking session every four weeks. Usually do more than enought for several meals and freeze all but the first couple meals in meal size portions and they are just fine. Because of our Mid West winters it isn't practical to smoke from late Oct. to April so a freezer full is good!

We have to be careful about the rubs and sauces we use. My wife is borderline diabetic so we shouldn't use any with sugars. Good recipes are hard to find so always on the lookout for them.

Looking forward to getting a lot of good information/advice from this site.
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Heya Dad! This post should have been in the roll Call forum, but what the heck..maybe a moderator will put it there for ya.

I'm an anti-sugar guy... well not ANTI- but I don't care for the sweet stuff. I'll find a recent post on one of my rubs and get it to ya!.. By the way, I got a message back from a member who tried it and said it was the best outta 3 he used <Smug grin>

Welcome to SMF..and check out the 5 day ecourse. No such thing as TOO much knowledge!!
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Here ya go...
A simple rub- add some brown sugar if ya like

2 Tbspn Cumin
2 Tbspn Paprika
2 Tbspn kosher salt
1 Tbspn CBP
1 Tbspn celery salt
1 Tbspn Onion powder
1 Tbspn Garlic powder
1 Tbspn dry mustard *

* OR rub ribs with prepared <French's, etc...mustard first, than shake on rub.>

Simple mop..use after an hour in smoker

1/4 C cider vinegar
1/4 C whiskey/bourbon
2 Tbspn Soy sauce
4 Tbsp corn syurp or like amount Brown Sugar to liquid above.
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Rich I'm going to have to try that it looks goodPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Hello there, and welcome to the SMF. Don't by shy with any questions, that's how we all learn!
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