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Re-heating smoked/frozen babbies

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New to the game. Two weeks ago smoked my first baby back ribs. Wife, who does not care for ribs, ate almost a full slab. We froze, in vac. packed bags and want to re-heat for tomorrow night. Suggestions Please!!!
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how big are the vac bags?

i have heard that using these bags.......y0u mite be able to reheat em, in boiling water......IN the bag..........but not sure.......
i am sure someone will be along soon to help you out

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Thanks for the reply.
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In the bag in boiling water will do fine. It will keep in all the juices!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Thanks for the tip.
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I use the food saver vac bags meownself and freeze smoked stuff for use at at later date. I'll thaw out the food, then cut a slit in the bag on one of the corners and pop it in the microwave and hit the reheat button.
If you reheat them in boiling water there is no need to thaw them out first. Just pull them from the freezer and drop the bag into boiling water.

Hope this helps.
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Dontcha just LOVE those foodsaver thingies!

The above tips cover everything I would say, except, nice to meet ya!

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Welcome to the SMF Familyicon_exclaim.gif

Nothing smoked lasts long enough to freeze here so I can't help you but the boil in a bag sound like a great idea. I keeps the juices & flavor in the bag.
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I use the boiling water method also.
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I believe the CD instructions that came with my foodsaver said to only use
water temps up to 170° to reheat, I guess it's to do with the bag.
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I poke a steam release hole in the bag and nuke em!
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