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finally gonna try'em smoked burgers

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a week aft askin about the smoked burgers, i finally have the time to try and smoke or semi-smoke some burgers let ya know how they turn out.
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You're supposed to start this thread AFTER you do it so we can see some pics!!! icon_smile.gif
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Don't forget to poke a finger sized hole in the middle so they don't bunch up!

And a quick sear on a rocket hot grill will firm them up after the smoke.
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gonna try to get some q view. if the camera works. got the holes in'em already, gonna let'em sit in the fridge while the grill warms up. there gonna be cooked on a cheap grill but have hickory to smokem w/ see how they turn out
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i have qveiw when i can figure out how to put it up. now the burgers aredone just wait'n for the boy to come on.
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tap, tap tap ... PDT_Armataz_01_10.gif
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got'em ready. goin to the fridge

smokers ready i think. is this the thin blue smoke ya'll talk about

ready to be flipped

the smoked side of things

thin blue smoke aft 30 min or s

finally a burger bigger than the bun. thats what im talkin bout.
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i think i did learn a lesson tho. find a way to cover the chip so the grease dont get on them. lol nice i just noticed i know enuf to be dangerous and i can start a fire now sweet.
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Kinda looks like boneless beef breasts. I think i'll give it a try
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Oooooooooo looks good! I haven't had a hamburger in months! Good idea kiddo! I must have posted just before they got done. Man they look good!

Maybe if you put the chips in a foil pouch they won't get dripped on? NOthing worse than a grease fire when your smoing meat.


Happy graduation Fire Starter!
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debi beat me to it..........tho you have to watch the foil catches fire........had that happen once

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lucky enuf to not get a grease fire, but it did effect my smoke but not before they where done. sed a cake pan for my chips this time, 1st time worked good till the grease started flowin but they still turned out great. dbi you think if i put foil over the cake pan that would work or best if wrapped in foil w/ holes?
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Either way would work. Probaly better in the pan with the foil cover the pans thicker and won't burn up. Just put lot of hole for air.
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kinda thought that but your the pro im learning. have tried the foil pack befor dude mine didn't catch on fire tho but i also double wrapped the foil that may have help. also suppose to get a free small water smoker from anoth guy i work w/ so hopefully i wont have to worry about my chip pan being made into a grease catch pan anymore.
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