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Happy Birthday Smoke

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The lil girl is turning 3 tomorrow. I am expecting about 30 adults and ??? kids. I am doing a 5lb brisket (small) and about 16 lb of butts. I am throwing a few fattys in for fun. Hope it turns out its only the 2nd time using the LM60. I am having trouble keeping my temps up. I think my wood is split too large. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif I'll add some pic's when I'm done
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Good luck w/ the festivities. Keep us posted along the way. Tell the little one - Happy Birthday from the SMF crew!
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Looks good so far jmedic, Happy birthday to your little one, my little girl turned 3 in May.
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Good luck and give that little sweetie I big ole hug for me!
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She will enjoy it, as you will also. we did a similar cook for my oldest 1st b-day and she turns 11 next saterday and wants to do a cook out for her friends, told her we would do it when we were'nt so busy.

Enjoy the time while their young.
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Good stuff

Well it turned out great! The pork was perfect I chopped most of it last night fridged the rest and finished this A.M. The brisket was tender and juicy. The only complaint was one person thought the sauce was too sweet. I took the time to make 3 different sauces (can't please everyone) I really love SFqu'er's mustard sauce. It is my new favorite. Little girl was pumped so full of sugar that she did'nt even eat. All of the adults were happy and gave me lots of atta boys. Well thats the full report here is some more pics.

P.S. check out the smoke ring on the brisket! I love the Lang
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That brisket looks excellent, very nice, solid smoke ring; as far as the pulled pork goes, perfect !!!
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VERY nice, I know that smile is from the great Q, where'n a fairy outfit wouldn't do for me. Congrats, it will be a b-day she won't forget.
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That sweet little smiles tells the story. Really awesome looking smoking adventure.
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Thanks fellas!
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That's some really fine food Justin!
Sounds like you may have had a jealous friend there. It looks perfect!

and that little girl is just precious! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Smokebuzz- i bet you would look cute in a fairy outfit. icon_mrgreen.gif
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