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Free Smokehouse Plans

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I found these plans for building a smokehouse today. It includes photos,matrials used, and a set of "blueprints". I thought someone may find this useful.
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Here is another set that may be helpful if you are looking for that sort of thing.
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Oh, and welcome to the forum. Glad to see you hope right in sharing info out of the gate. May want to go over to the Roll Call section and introduce yourself...........Welcome, in any case.
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Hmmmmmmmmmmm.............. I've seen those little houses. Most have a crescent moon cut in the door, to allow smoke to escape I guess. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

Being an Ozarks hillbilly, I couldn't resist. icon_mrgreen.gif

Looks like a good design that has a lot of capacity. Affordable and easy to build. I think the wood would add to the flavor after it is seasoned by several smokes. The old smoke houses were that way.
Good find.
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Welcome! Thanks for the plans.
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Thank you for the links Hillybilly Trucker and Fatback
I like the looks of those.

I posted a couple of pictures of my cold smoker on page two of my intro....

Hopefully I will get the firebox hooked up today.
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Here is my smoke house . It will hold about a hundred pounds of sausage.
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Nice smoker goat!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I sure love that kitchen, is it attached to your house or is it in a separate building? I think I need one..biggrin.gif
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It is a 20 ft sea container and it sets away from the house and forms one side of the "Horny Moose Saloon". Those pics are here somewhere.
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Here it is: The Horny Moose Saloon
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Wow! I think I need a saloon too! That's a nice set up goat.

Could you tell me what a sea container is? I have not heard of them.
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Very nice setup ya got there goat. Some good looking sausages too.
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Thanks for the warm welcome! on my wat to roll call now...
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very cool goat. i will be ordering some sausage this winter for sure. can't get good sausage up here.
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original smokehouse plans

There is a lot of useful information, plus some plans at:
In my opinion for a beginner nothing beats the Concrete Block Smoker (link above).

Don't forget to check the photo of the most original smoker I have seen in my life:
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nice smoker!, I am going to have a busy summer!

I got find a grinder and stuffer next!
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