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Hello there, and welcome to the SMF , a place to get some great advise on most anything you can eat. I see you are a creative person, good deal.
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Thank you for the welcome richoso1. I'm looking forward to reading everything I can here....lots of great advice!
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forum!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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welcome great pics of the smoke boxes
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Thanks meowey and smoke_it_up.smile.gif
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A big welcome to the SMF from East LA (Eastern Lower Alabama)
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Welcome to the SMF familyicon_exclaim.gif

As you can see we are more family than forum here.

I love the pics, nice equipmentPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome Cowgirl -

Kewl looking tuff you got there!

I started smoking small stuff in cardboard boxes with a light bulb years ago. I beleive it was from an article in Mother Earth News from 1971 or 72 got me hooked on smoked jerky, cheese and peppers.

I be dating myself again! icon_rolleyes.gif
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Thanks for the kind welcomes Blackhawk19, johnd49455 and DeejayDebi!

That sounds interesting DeejayDebi! smile.gif Do you put a light bulb under a pan of sawdust or wood chips to get the smoke? That sounds like something I'd like to try.
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Great looking stuff there, cowgirl. Where 'bouts in Oklahoma are you?
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Yep just keep it light - don't want a fire!
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Thank you BA_LoKo......I'm way out west with the sage and yucca.

DeejayDebi, thanks for the info, I think I'm going to have to try it.icon_biggrin.gif
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TY, cowgirl. My wife grew up out just this side of Guyman (Adams). We're now up near Tulsa.
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 Not much out here, but I like wide open spaces with lots of elbow room. lol

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welcome cowgirl..........you are going to fit RIGHT in here.......

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Thank you Walking Dude!icon_smile.gif

I've sure enjoyed reading for the last couple of days. You have a nice group of folks here.
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keep a eye out on the chat window on the left side.........if see someone in there.......jump in.........best way to get toknow someone in realtime

once again......welcome

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Will do, thanks for the heads up.
Thanks again for the warm welcome.smile.gif
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Hi Cowgirl!...Welcome to the SMF!...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif...Glad to have you Aboard!...You're gonna like it here!...
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Thank you Coley!smile.gif
This is a nice forum and I've learned a lot of good things here already.
One of them is to eat before I sign on.........the pictures posted here are awesome. biggrin.gif
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