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For Gypseagod...

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This wasnt the fish from tonight but right around the same size... This one is probably an inch or two smaller...

Gotto love it when the snook suck your thumb
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kick a bro- i love snook now i wanna come knee fishing for bonefish & tarpon & permit in the fla. flats..... here's a pic of this bully we caught fer this kid's 21st b-day- he was spooled over the side chasing it down boarded monkeys up a tree after an hour 3 gaff fight.....
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ahhh now i gotta get wet... lord i miss salt water......
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Here is a sunset for you.

Also if you like the sharks this was caught on a light rod with 20lb mono leader.

If you like big sharks... Here I am tied into a spinnershark that was around 8'. Scared the poo outta me when it first hit and came flying out of the water spinning like a football during a john elway pass. All I saw was grey nose and teeth. It was coming straight at me.
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Ahhh Vlap... yer a man after me own heart! I'm a kayak fisherman also... love the stealth and maneuverability of that thing!

Here's another sunset Gypsy...
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yer killin' me here...... here's a few fish pics.
god i need saltwater the smell of the sargassum & some salt spray NOW !!!!!!!!!!
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here's 1 for ya - check the title
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p.s. i was wrong- that IS a blacktip not a sharpnose- that pic showed it better.
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