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I've been bitten by the bug! I have a small offset smoker (knew I should have went with the larger one) and couple weeks ago bought a vertical gas smoker (hey, $40 for a $100 smoker - I couldn't resist).

Anyway, wrote out my grocery list this morning and she came back with a 9 lb picnic instead of a butt. confused.gif

Anyone have any different twists for a picnic?

Thanx for any advice - great site, btw...
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it's basically the same thing. it's pork right ? go to 170 internal for slicing 190 for pulling. either way- wrap it in foil for a few hours in a wet towel in a good cooler. for slicing let it rest unwrapped for 30 mins to an hour before slicing. save the juices for a finishing sauce or to simmer down later for other things.
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You have a point - pork it is! I've done several butts, but not a picnic. Just wanted to query the experts if there was anything particular for a picnic before I invest a day on the grill dancin' with this thing...

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if it's a bone in picnic shoulder(tyson) ya can trim that fat cap off or do it fat up for the 1st 1/2.if it's a tyson butt it generally has the fat trimmed- same same still- just a heads up- p.s. that fat cap done in tony cacheries & stripped makes good "cracklins"- pork skins.- there's a recipe for that here somewhere..but i usually just cube the fat, soak 48 hrs in worchy w/ cayenne pepper & a bit of smoked onion & garlic-set on a window sill for 12 hrs in the sun) & deep fry until it floats(350) & spoon out on folded brown bag paper(not paper towels)-enjoy.
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Just do the it the exact way you do your butts like mentioned above. Picnics just taste alittle more like ham thats all. When I do em I separate pieces for pulling, slicing and bark and let whoever thats eating get what they want.
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OK, I'm a bit more at ease now at doing the picnic - plus I've been plowing through the pork forum (guess I should have looked before posting...)

Hey, a friend suggested injecting the picnic with a honey & water mixture - any thoughts???
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lots of great ideas there. i inject w/ balsamic vin/worchy/& dark beer.slap some garlic under the skin....and use fiesta fajita spice & garlic pwdr rubbed around the outside.
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Now THAT sounds good!!! I'm gonna give the cracklins a try - thanx!
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The beauty of this hobby is that there are so many different ways and many taste great.

Try to inject with apple juice/water/wors sauce/brown sugar and a bit of salt
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Welcome to the SMF familyicon_exclaim.gif

We love q-view so don't forget the pics while you smoke that pic nicicon_smile.gif

Around here if you butt ask a question you will get an answerPDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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Steve-The whole pork shoulder consists of (going from the ground up as if piggy is standing) the shank, picnic and butt. Like others, I do picnics like I do the butts. The only difference when it come to pulling is that in the picnic there is an elongated muscle that normally runs down into the shank. This piece of meat will not pull apart and will need to be chopped up and then added to the pull meat. Personally, I set this piece of meat aside and claim it for my own and use it for snacking on.

Some picnics will have the skin left on the shank section. You can leave it on and remove it after the smoke-it's easier to do at this point as it hardens up and some of the fat renders out from under it. Or you can remove it before the smoke-again, it's one of those personal preference things.
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All- thanks for the advice and warm welcome! Being a novice, seems there's more to it than just getting some smoke going, throwing a piece of meat on the grate and closing the lid ... but I've spent the past few weeks reading sites, books, recipes and the forums (was up till 3 am pouring through the postings). Anyway, I'm sure it will come with trial and error, experience and advice from you guys/gals.

Pics? Will have to do some reading on how to post pics - if I produce anything worth looking at!!

Thanx again for all the advice and information.

PS - Dutch, I found your baked bean recipe last night and can't wait to try 'em!
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Hi Steve!...Welcome to the SMF!...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif...Glad to have you Aboard!...
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