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Brisket rub question?

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Saturday I plan on making a brisket SmokieOkie style. I have never made a brisket so this will be knew to me.

So far I have very much liked Jeff's rub for pork, but I am wondering if I should try a different rub for beef brisket? Another question I have is with putting rub on a beef brisket is, mustard or not?

If anyone has any tips or tricks for me, they would be greatly appreciated.
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Mustard, then rub... burn the hell out of it, smoke it, love it.

"Don't panic"
Douglas Adams - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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I will do, the Fire Department is only 4 blocks from here !!!
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Also the consensus seems to be Jeff's rub is OK for brisket.

I did not try it on brisket yet, sooo... just repeating what I read.

I use savory, rosemary in a higher amount, coriander and thyme in my beef rub, FYI FWIW
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Hahaha...yeah it DOES get spectacular.

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marty, i just replied to your PM, with a PM. i use jeff's rub on everything i smoke, be it pork or beef. i even put it on my eggs. i usually rub w/ mustard first. have done it a few times w/o mustard. about the same to me; bark is a little different w/o mustard. i prefer w/ mustard though.
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I use Jeff's rub all the time when doing briskets... haven't tried it with mustard yet.

The searing is a MUST!
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I have used jeff's rub also with great results. I have never done mustard though, just rub it naked. A simple beef rub is a mixture of salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder. That simple and works great.
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You can use alot of your rub too. Don't be shy when rubbing it!
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I'm doing a packer this weekend also and was looking for rub suggestions. I love Jeff's rub; have used it on spares, baby backs and will be using it on my boston butts this weekend but I want to try something different on this brisket. It will also be my first time with a full packer instead of just the flat.
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