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Help Separating Brisket

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I'm going to separate a packer and do two separate smokes, Some where either here or on Debi's site I saw instructions and pictures of how to do it.
I have looked and can't find it, anybody know where it's at. I'm not a "Butcher" so pictures help PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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try this link

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Thanks WD, that's not the one I saw but it also shows it good. I googled for separating a brisket instead of trimming. Thanks again
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glad i could be of help

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Nice link Dude!!cool.gif
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All you have to do is remove all the white stuff.
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I'm curious; do most of you guys here separate the point from the flat or do most cook them together?
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i keep em together..........i think he wanted to seperate em, to cook em at two different times...........

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Yeah I understand he wants to cook them separately. I was just wondering cause I'm figuring the point with more fat would take longer to reach temperature then the flat since it is leaner. So where do you put your thermometer point or flat?
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i was told the i did.........and it turned out perfect

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Thanks WD!
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Very helpful thread thanks.

I will get to my own brisket somedayicon_surprised.gif
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Ideally, the probe should be placed in the thickest part of the flat.
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is it st me, a bad photo, or is that 1 ugly thin cut of a packer ?
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