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where here in gods country are you from vlap?

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I was born in Mn. Moved to waterloo Iowa. Lived my early years there. Then in my teens my family moved to Florida. Been here since with a few moves away with the army (georiga and North carolina) then school and work (Virginia and D.C.) I am in florida to stay now. (i hope)
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LMAO vlap

Vegetarian: Ancient Indian word for bad fisherman.

GREAT tag line..........hehehehe
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You post over on MTF? Seem to recall someone over there with the same tag line.
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No I havent posted on MTF (what is it) My mother was recently in Maine hiking and brought back a fly fishing shirt with that line on it. I actually typed it wrong.Instead of ancient it should say old. Think I will go fix that now
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still a GREAT tag line
kinda like the old calgon commercial

ancient chinese secrect

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My tractor Forum. Not unlike this forum with the focus on tractors of all sizes, riding mowers to the BIG guys, plus about anything else good folks could think of and want to discuss and/or share.

I know I've steered at least one or two of the members over here. Lots more knowledge on smoking and grilling than over there.
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