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You had me out looking around listening to my wood last night.

While a was going through my rubber maid boxes I heard something moving around. Being half deaf I can't tell direction of sounds so I was think your wood munchers were eatting my precious guava, pear, pecan, apple and cherry wood! OH NO! PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

As I'm poking around through the rubbermaid boxes of cut chunks this cute little gray long haired opposum appears behind me to see what I was doing and I almost peed my pants! It was already dark so he kind of scared me til I figured out what he was!

Poor thing was scared to death and couldn't get away until I went back in the house. I guess he likes smoked meat too he was wandering around between my smokers sniffin up a storm - never saw one on my porch before! I though they were vegetarians?
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i have heard possums like to eat people named Debi........so i would be carefull..................


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OH NO! Not That!

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