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Does Vinegar Dry Out Beef?????????

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I have seen a post or two on here that state that vinegar will dry out beef.

Is this true, as there are many brisket mop recipes that call for vinegar????

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I would imagine if you used it straight, not in itself though. What happens is since vinegar is an acid it cooks the meat, this is especially true in marinades, so if you over do it when you actually go to cook the meat it gets dry and tough then because it starts out musshy and somewhat cooked, especially true with fish. Now in mops the amount of vinegar is low compared to the other ingrediants and the viniger will help tenderize while cooking because it soaks in breaks dow fat to render, and heats up and evaporates out.
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Gret to know... Thanks for the info!

Go Buckeyes!
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I use vinegar based marinates all the time and they don't seem to be dried out. Guess if you pickle it it would. Salt dries out meat.
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i use balsamic vinegar for a marinade & it works well on steaks,brisket,pork,etc. never dries mine out.
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I agree that vinegar is a tenderizer and should be used accordingly. I once wet some spare ribs with vinegar prior to applying a rub and they turned out mushy to me. I blamed it on the vinegar. Surely it was not something that I did.
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OK, been wait'en for tis one, you would be shocked at how many big comp teams rub meat with vinagar, wait 5 minutes and rub with spices and have great success.

Think about it , vinagar will open the pours of meat, more penatration into meat with your faverite rub.

I caught on to this many years ago and ALWAYS rub with vinagar prior to rubbing with spices, and have never had a problem and may be the reson i don,t let the rub set on meat more than 20 min. before putting on the smoker

Also may be suprized at how many commercial rubs have powdered vinager in them.

Just my opinion.
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Makes sense to me. Never tred it plain on meat though. Yellow mustard has vinegar in it and lots of folk use that for a pre rub.
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