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About the brakes.... Changing parts is really not that hard and a good book or having a semi experienced beer buddy with you can make things go easier. And by the time that sensors are going bad? It is time to get rid of that car. Bad electronics can make a dealership go broke trying to figure out and fix what is wrong. You can Ohm out and probe some sensors with a simple multi tester and others can be scanned with bigger and better code readers and scanners, but when the brakes, cruise control and AC are all tied together and something goes haywire, it is time for some news wheels.

I have to admit to being lucky for awhile with cars, not too many problems lately (Although transmissions have always been a weak link for me) It may be that I am not a kid any more and I am not starting out with cars that are ten plus years old and half wore out before I get to own them. I think that I have put every car that I have owned over 200,000 miles and one over 350,000 (OK yes I got most of them with 90 + on them already, but still I am talking about the end results)

OK back on topic.....

I really can't count on the dog for testing food

The mutt will eat anything with no ill effects!
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Cool... and uncool. Star shells and laws, respectivly. Have always wanted to build those, now it appears too late.

I still have a bit of fun, tho ;{)
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Richtree, the laws have certainly changed since 9/11. The CPSD (Consumer Products Safety Devision) has seriously restricted the availability of the necessary chemicals and the BATF strictly enforces storage facility requirements (magazines) now. Odd those are the primary vehicles they have chosen to curtail hobby pyrotechnics in America.

This is sad because craft built fireworks are now destined to become a lost art form that has traditionally been steeped in our history. Fireworks are the voice of freedom and we American's have been effectively stifled, supposedly for our own security even though most of the chemicals used in fireworks are not even close to the same as those used in terrorist actions. Firework production is now done almost exclusively in Asia and the beautiful Italian style "Maltese" shells are almost a lost art now.

But that is not to say what you want to do is totally imposable. For myself in this location it just became too difficult to fulfill all the legal requirements, so I had to change hobbies. I haven't built so much as a sparkler in years now, which is truly sad.

But the PGI (Pyrotechnicians Guild International), the WPA (Western Pyrotechnical Association) and the AFF (American Fireworks Foundation) are all still in business along with many smaller member groups mostly on the east coast and the mid states. (Wisconsin, and Minnesota area.) Check out or you may be able to locate an organization in your area that you can join which will allow you to learn the craft under their guidance and permits. Unfortunately for me there is no such organization around here.

So I've taken up BBQ and smoking instead now. Over the years I've become adapt at switching hobbies as the authorities shut them down one by one. The government marches on destroying one fun hobby of mine after another. I love flying, but General Aviation is almost dead now with the FAAs blessing. I like to shoot targets but the shooting sports face serious curtailment now. I'm admittedly old now, but I was on a shooting team in my High school! Can you even imagine such a thing now? Guns at school?
Even the model R/C aircraft enthusiasts are facing new restrictions in the name of "National Security". As a people we have become paranoid idiots sacrificing our freedoms everyday in favor of an image of security. To quot Ben franklin,

"Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither."

But the soap box has crept under my foot again and this has little to do with the thin blue. Please forgive me my rant I am a liberal American and I resent these restrictions on what used to be freedoms, so on to the next hobby, at lest until they start restricting BBQ that is.
Brisket Forever!
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Well put, sir. As you may have noticed, I sometimes step on the box myself, and usually fail to avoid the slippery puddle left by it's former contents...heh...
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starting to restrict barbecue? Try and put an exhaust on a commercial smoker in NY without emissions control equipment and you'll find out how restricted it already is.

The smoke coming off the propane grill of my neighbor can be heavier than what we emit........I can't get the government to realize in our craft, the idea is to keep the smoke in the box as much as possible....go figure
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i have an ohaus scale that i used for re-loading. I have been mixing my own sulfite solutions with it. Sulfites are used in wine making as a sanitizer, a anti oxidant and also in acid testing.

Its a hobby and i happen to want to know as much as i can about it.

i doubt i will ever get to prague powders as i do not have tha abundant amoubt of base chemicals on hand. i use as ny supplier
it meastrs grains so i can do anything that requires accuracy with it.
if one feels ubcomfy, one should not mess with any chemicals.
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Couldn't agree more! I mix my own because chemistry, pyrotechnics and brewing were passions of mine. I've been mixing chemicals all my life and once I left those hobbies in the past and took up smoking and processing meat, it was only natural for me to make my own cures. I had all the materials, well I had to but the nitrite, and scales to do so. The rest was just kitchen work. But I second what you said, people who feel uncomfortable with anything shouldn't do it.
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just a bit of soapbox, but as Jim had said.........this person said it even better..........back during WW2

First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

its happening today, with homeland security

dude jumps off the soapbox

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First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

its happening today, with homeland security

Walking Dude!
Now you’ve thrown the bait in front of the bear! I'm already upset about the way things are going and the degree to which this administration has revoked what have always have been basic American liberties. Supposedly because it's what some bureaucrats decided it was what's "best for our security". This intrusive "fear your neighbor and be suspicious of what he might be doing in his garage" attitude is being taught to our children who will grow up to think that is the way life should be! Hitler would be proud.

Remember when it was OK not to answer the phone if you were out fishing and just didn't feel like talking to anyone? Now it's imperative to carry a cell phone with you at all times that incidentally contains a built in GPS tracking device. Employers now think it's acceptable to require you to have one so they can contact you whenever they feel like it. When did that become the norm? When did I lose what used to be my "free time" after I left the building? Now they also request a sample of your breath and urine and to make sure your living up to some moral standard while your away from the office. Mothers are told the best way to protect their children is buy them a traceable phone so they can stay in touch with their kids and locate them if they become lost. That brainwashing has worked so well that our children clamor for their cell phones without realizing what an iron collar it truly is, while we are forced to pay for it as well. Remember when we used to actually ride our bikes over to someones house and visit them in person? Maybe we had time to do that for fum when we weren't busting our humps working after school. The kids I see today don't know what work is, they spend all their time talking on the phone while playing video games on line. The right wing politicians complain about illegal labor, but there isn't a local kid in my neighborhood willing to push a lawn mower, and if there was he would think $20 was a reasonable amount to ask for doing it!

They started out putting RF tracking chips in our pets as a locating service in case they were lost or stolen. Jeez when did people start stealing dogs? But I've recently seen where they are offering to do the same for our kids! Have we come so far and forgotten so much that we would now even think it's good idea to put a chip in our children's heads so they can be tracked for life? The worst part about that whole idea is that our kids never even get to decide if they want to be tracked all their lives and they grow up thinking it's normal if not necessarily a good thing. When did it become OK for the government, not to mention our employers and insurance companies to check our body fluids? Or to always know where we are at any given moment? Why can't my son fly an airplane when and where ever he wants without clearing it with some agency? Why can't he, or I for that matter, build skyrocket in the basement anymore without being investigated to see if we might be terrorists? Are all these new intrusions on our civil liberties suppose to somehow make us safer? Is this the brave new world we were hoping for?

Damn that soapbox anyway, I'm getting worked up again, I think I better go rub down a chunk of meat and build a fire before I completely lose my composure.
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one way to counter-act the too remove the battery........that mite also help in ignoring your bosses



i will leave rub down a chunk of meat comment alone.......i get into enuff trouble round here.......LOLOL
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Fodder. Sigh.
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With ya there Brother, you too Richtee,

Well I shore don't mean to get anyone upset, and I tend to do that when I talk too much. Jeff has a hard enough time without being forced to play censor, and I gotta keep in mind that this site is for smoking meat, not politics. I just get to pontificating a tad too much when the soapbox gets under my foot. Besides the government is probably watching all us dangerous and subversive BBQers. And to d8de, I pray that god keeps the sand out of your son's eyes while he's in Iraq and that he finds his way home soon.
"Rules are meant to control idiots and to act as suggestion for the Intelligent."
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